Pi Polymer Recycling - Large Rigid Plastic Recycling - Perthshire

A breath of fresh air for the recycling industry.

Pi Polymer has developed an infra-red optical sorting system that separates whole large mixed rigid plastics using high pressure air jets, then cleans, shreds and granulates them to produce a valuable flake that reaches a non-waste standard for sale to plastic manufacturers.​

Feedstock agreements are in place for this first plant, but with scaleable technology, the company has ambitions to open a further 5-10 plants over ten years. The company has secured advance EIS approval from HMRC for the benefit of future investors. ​

Value for first phase £3 million

Plastic waste recycling

Equity investment

Located in Perthshire

Pi Polymer Recycling Ltd has developed an infra-red optical sorting system that separates whole mixed dense plastics, then cleans, shreds and granulates them to produce a valuable flake for sale to plastic manufacturers. Waste plastics that are currently incinerated, disposed into landfill sites, or into the world’s oceans, are thus recovered in a circular solution.

The site for the plant is within one of Scotland's largest integrated waste management facilities at the Binn Eco Park, Glenfarg, Perthshire.

Plant design has been completed and a building lease has been signed. The system that we've designed recovers and recycles more than 90% of the plastic waste feedstock supplied to Pi.

Pi Polymer's recycling system

What can it do? 

  • It upcycles mixed streams of large rigid plastics from households and industry into separated washed regrind and pelletised polymers (mixed polymer separation - up to 6 polymers)
  • Offers toll washing services for any rigid plastics and recycles single stream large rigid plastics 
  • Provides a base for new bolt on plastics processing technologies to add value to plastics recycling systems
  • Provides supply chain innovation and partnership opportunities

We have a strong network of contacts with suppliers of large mixed rigid plastic waste in Scotland including Local Authorities, private waste collectors and others. We have confirmed the availability of sufficient feedstock to supply our first facility, which will have capacity to process 15,000 tonnes of waste plastics a year on a single shift basis and will be built at the Binn Eco Park in Perthshire.

The project so far

  • Extensive due diligence has been undertaken and a grant of £575,000 from Zero Waste Scotland towards the project's capital costs has been secured
  • The company's sponsors / founding shareholders have injected equity capital to pay for plant design, planning, and other initial setup costs, including a loan from Business Loan Scotland which has enabled early operations to begin. The project is development ready. 
  • The company has secured advance EIS approval from HMRC for the benefit of future investors, who will be able to offset the cost of their investment against their income tax.
  • A strong and experienced team of advisers has been appointed to take the project forward to full implementation, commissioning and tender the plant and equipment required.
  • Pi Polymer Recycling Ltd also offer investors further opportunities to invest in the development of it’s first new concept Advanced Plastics Sorting and Upcycling Facility (APSuF). This project is supported by a £5.2 million award from the Scottish and UK Government jointly funded Tay Cities Deal.
  • The project operates on a low carbon renewable energy grid.

This unique facility will aid the environment

Our advanced large rigid plastics recycling facility model is unique:

  • By separating plastics prior to size reduction, we can easily colour separate plastics to create higher value outputs.
  • We can recycle more than 88% (our aim is 95%) of plastic waste that we receive into a flake ready for sale to plastic processors in a complete circular economy solution. The feedstock that we process would otherwise be incinerated or sent to landfill causing environmental contamination
  • Demand for our product is currently high and the market into which we sell is expanding with the global focus on the many deficits in waste plastics management.

Pi Polymer Recycling will responsibly and profitably contribute to transforming the plastics waste recycling industry initially in Scotland and thereafter throughout the United Kingdom through the roll-out of our large rigid plastics recycling facilities.

This development programme will result in major environmental and economic benefits and create a highly cash generative, profitable and valuable trading business.

Our large rigid plastics recycling facilities are highly scalable to meet market needs. Pi’s objective is to open another 5-10 strategically located plants around the UK. This would allow us to service our plastic feedstock (suppliers) and offtake purchasers of our recycled product, create employment and significantly reduce carbon emissions and plastics contamination of the environment.

Investment opportunities

The primary sponsors, who are the company’s current Board of Directors, are flexible in terms of the mix of debt and equity necessary to suit new and existing investors.

We are now seeking a funding partner to work alongside us to complete the funding for the initial plant at Glenfarg (capital costs £1.5 million), and subsequent roll out of a programme of large rigid recycling facilities in Scotland, the rest of the UK, and, internationally.

£900,000 is being sought in this funding round, which will be invested in the Glenfarg Plant.

It's anticipated that there will be a subsequent roll-out of multiple facilities across the UK which will also be seeking to attract investment funding.

Discussion is also welcome on investment in the Advanced Plastics Sorting and Upcycling Facility (APSuF). The facility, which will process 40,000 tonnes per year, will enable ‘all in one bin’ plastic waste collections from all sectors.

It is currently in the concept design stage with an extensive group of collaborators including designers, equipment suppliers, advanced data analytics, feedstock suppliers, an EPC provider, and down-stream product development companies. On-site development of our first APSuF is expected to start in 2023 with an investment requirement of £12-15 million.

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