Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC)

The natural development choice for the blue and green economies.

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC) is the complete redevelopment of the 320-acre deep-water port and marine yard on the North Ayrshire coast, 40 minutes from Glasgow.

With on-site rail connectivity, significant grid connections, favourable planning regimes and plot sizes that can accommodate up to 4,000,000 sq ft, Hunterston PARC is at the forefront of Scotland’s strategy to be a major contributor to the local economy.

Recognised as offering unique infrastructure to support technological advances in new power generation and aquaculture, the site enjoys policy and £28 million of financial support from the local council and Scottish and UK Governments. Hunterston PARC is a place with blue-green economy at its heart.

Aerial view of Hunterston power station and surrounding area, North Ayrshire

Value £135 million

Industrial renewable energy

Equity investment

Located in Hunterston

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The University of Strathclyde, the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and other agencies have participated in planning for the PARC to become a focal point for research as well as new commercial partnerships.

Hunterston PARC is ideally suited for:

  • Energy and power generation
  • Aquaculture
  • Recycling of energy assets
  • Data centre hosting
  • Vessel inspection and repair
  • Warehousing and office space
  • Offshore manufacturing

Hunterston has the potential to transform current economic prospects to drive regeneration and bring prosperity to the West Coast of Scotland, supporting sustainable communities for generations to come.

Investment opportunities

Three investment opportunities exist at the PARC:

1. Infrastructure for the energy transition

Co-developing with Peel Ports the infrastructure to serve the £20 billion UK market for construction of floating offshore wind farms and the £70 billion expenditure on decommissioning and recycling assets from the oil sector.

This will include refurbishment of the PARC’s marine yard, home of one of the world’s largest dry docks. Multi-year commitments from globally recognised energy participants make the facility an attractive infrastructure investment for those focussing on energy transition. Floating wind turbines will transform the potential for new, low-cost renewable power generation away from shores.

Seeking co-development investment in the range of £10-£30 million.

2. Innovative new industry

Early-stage equity participation in new energy-intensive, processing enterprises supporting the circular economy.

The PARC’s Centre for New Industry and New Energy (C-NINE) is attracting innovative commercial ventures, applying new scientific solutions to address important challenges such as the conversion of plastic to new products and hydrogen. These ventures seek funding to support asset-backed investment on the PARC site and the PARC’s C-NINE offers access to such opportunities.

Seeking early-stage and growth stage equity participation in the range £0.5-£5 million. Activities seeking investment capital include plastic to hydrogen, waste processing, hydroponics, alternative materials to plastic packaging.

3. New power generation

Development and ongoing management of new power generation facilities.

With high-capacity grid-access potential, incumbent private wire demand and the opportunity to bring feedstock by sea, rail and road, the PARC has attracted interest from power generators targeting renewable and transitional technologies such as hydrogen, waste, biomass and other feedstocks.

With skilled labour in the area and the UK National Grid seeking load stabilisation solutions at the site, there is policy support for development at Hunterston, designated formally as a 'port and energy hub'.

This development focuses low carbon, green industries on a brownfield site, and will enable advanced technologies to be applied commercially.

Peel Ports and others have announced the intention for the PARC’s Centre for Research on Ecology and Economic Development to explore ways for infrastructure development to embrace the latest eco-friendly engineering methods. Projects being considered include how self-healing concrete can be used to reduce intervention, how reef systems can be built on man-made structures, and other engineering innovations.

Hunterston PARC offers the opportunity to participate in a standard-bearing project for Scotland: a range of facilities that will enable new technologies to reach commercial scale and so propel the green agenda.

Seeking development investment in the range of £30-£100 million. Technologies seeking investment capital include waste to energy, various biomass, hydrogen/gas, solar. 

More on the Hunterston PARC website

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