Clyde Gateway - Glasgow

A 20-year programme of investment in Scotland’s first Green Regeneration and Innovation District.

Just five minutes east of the centre of Glasgow by train, the Clyde Gateway area has benefited from £1.5 billion investment to date with over 100,000 sq m of award-winning green business space already completed and 3,000 new homes.

The area’s accessibility by walking, cycling, road and rail is already proving a major draw to investors, businesses and residents.

Value £200 million

Green regeneration programme

Capital investment

Located in Glasgow

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Designated as Scotland’s first Green Regeneration and Innovation District, Clyde Gateway is working to decarbonise travel and energy for homes and businesses and address the priorities of local people. It provides a model for place-based green regeneration where people can live and work in a low carbon and resilient community.

Investment to date in Clyde Gateway has been designed to unlock development potential by the adoption of long-term sustainable approaches to infrastructure reuse and development.

Proposals now include well advanced district heating and cooling alongside climate mitigation measures. New development in Clyde Gateway can more easily evidence positive environmental and social impacts.

Investment opportunities

Clyde Gateway offers a range of potential short, medium- and longer-term investment opportunities across all sectors including commercial, residential and hotel. Investment in regeneration areas can encourage circularity in the Built Environment.

Current opportunities are centred on the areas served by the Dalmarnock train station at the heart of Clyde Gateway.

Dalmarnock is a mixed-use development including proposed new and redeveloped workplaces and new homes.

It's served by a refurbished railway station, bus infrastructure, walking and cycling routes. The area will be served by a new £6 million Combined Heat and Power District Heating System. The environmental approach to the masterplan includes infrastructure reuse and development as well as climate mitigation measures. Capacity for new low carbon development includes:

  • 9,900 sq m HQ office and 6,960 sq m of hybrid industrial space (fully consented)
  • 120-bed hotel
  • 10,000 sq m riverside development opportunity
  • c.350 residential units
  • 3,800 sq m Purifier Studios Creative Workspace

Magenta is the adaptive reuse of a brownfield site with planning consent for over 110,500 sq m of development.

As a pilot site for 5th generation energy systems which focus on low temperature closed loop systems, with heat pump technology linked to individual buildings, Magenta has the potential to increase the take-up of renewable technologies and make them more cost efficient and effective.

The project would integrate with other energy projects at Dalmarnock and utilise the SMART Bridge to deliver the low temperature ambient loop to serve Magenta.

A partnership with Highbridge Properties Plc, Magenta offers the opportunity for £200 million (235 million) investment – investor, equity, co-development, development funder, and construction partners with additional investment opportunities in the wider area.

More on the Clyde Gateway website

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