Aberdeen Hydrogen Development Programme

An opportunity to turn the city green as part of a transformative £250 million hydrogen infrastructure development.

Aberdeen is at the forefront of creating a hydrogen economy, with a megawatt stationary fuel cell powering its Event Complex and one of Europe’s largest fleet of hydrogen buses. Scotland is using its deep energy heritage to become a low carbon pioneer – the opportunity to invest is now. ​

Aberdeen City Council now seeks long-term investment and development partners for a £250 million hydrogen infrastructure development programme across housing, heating and transport sectors. The Council is open to a variety of investor involvement to include debt and equity partners, co-investment, and development funding. Project specifics available.

Value £250 million

Green investment sector

Flexible investment

Located in Aberdeen

More on the Aberdeen City Council website

Aberdeen is one of Europe’s pioneering hydrogen cities with an existing fleet of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles that is set to expand from 2020, creating an opportunity to attract investment in transport and infrastructure to deliver commercial scale renewable hydrogen production and supply.

The potential applications of hydrogen for decarbonisation of energy are wide-ranging, with opportunities for use in heat, industrial energy demand, and energy storage, as well as transport.

Aberdeen is uniquely placed to capitalise on this opportunity given the existing skills and technical capabilities of companies operating in the oil and gas sector.

The Aberdeen Hydrogen Programme will use renewable hydrogen across the transport sector and facilitate the application of zero-carbon fuel in domestic/commercial heat and industry in the region.

The potential economic benefits of being at the forefront of this transition are significant. There's potential to unlock new economic opportunities worth upwards of £700 million gross value add to Scotland’s economy by 2030, as well as thousands of high-value jobs in Aberdeen and the surrounding region.

Aberdeen has over five years of experience in delivering hydrogen infrastructure and transport projects with international and local partners.

The relative maturity of transport applications in the region mean that we can offer the best opportunities for private sector investment in hydrogen production and applications.

Given the focus on low carbon alternatives hydrogen transport as well as industrial and heating application demand could grow significantly over the next decade and beyond.

Project activity

  • Determine the economic and financial case for the development of a commercial hydrogen production and supply facility in Aberdeen
  • Establish the level of intervention (creation of hydrogen demand) required to enable the private sector to invest in the hydrogen market
  • Establish a hydrogen demand profile for the next 5-10 years through engagement with industry, business and public sector partners

Investment opportunities

Aberdeen City Council is seeking investment and development partners for a c. £250 million initial investment in the hydrogen development programme will include a range of strategic infrastructure and market development projects.

The City Council is open to a variety of investor involvement to include debt and equity partners, co-investment, and development funding.

This is an early stage opportunity to shape the programme and offers the potential for a long-term relationship with this public sector partner.

The Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub business case demonstrates a positive return on investment with wider positive impacts the national economy.

More on the Aberdeen City Council website

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