Research and Development Funding

If you invest in Scotland, your business can benefit from research and development funding for innovation projects.

Funding might include the SMART: SCOTLAND grant, which provides funding for feasibility studies and R&D projects with a commercial endpoint.

Or you might benefit from the R&D grant that funds the development of new products, processes and services, or helps to improve existing ones. There are also R&D tax credits that can benefit companies and help them find new markets and provide high-quality skilled-job opportunities. They can also help them find new markets and provide high-quality skilled-job opportunities to Scottish workforce.

If you have a great patented idea and want to commercialise it in Scotland, you can benefit from the Patent Box Scheme. This means paying as little as 10% corporation tax on any profits from commercialising your patents.

In this section

Investment for jobs

You may be able to get funding if your project creates or safeguards jobs in Scotland.

Attracting investment

Fund your business through venture capital, loans and equity funding.

Tax incentives

As a business owner or investor in Scotland, there are several tax relief schemes and incentives available to you.

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