Why choose Scotland

Scotland attracts more foreign investors than any other UK region. Our people, infrastructure, expertise, quality of life and supportive business environment have made Scotland the choice of some of the world's biggest and brightest companies.

5 reasons why Scotland is now

For international companies Scotland has access to the best talent, investment opportunities, and work life balance.

Scottish economy

The Scottish economy is growing with key sectors enjoying rapid expansion.


We offer businesses who invest in Scotland innovation support to help improve processes, product and employee development.

Cost of living in Scotland

Scotland is a great place to locate your business – and latest reports show it’s less expensive to live and work in Scotland than cities like London, Zurich, Paris and Dublin.

Financial and tax incentives

We help companies attract investment, research and development funding, and open up access to tax incentive schemes.

Infrastructure and connectivity

Scotland has excellent transport links to the the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, as well a first-class digital infrastructure.

Our people and skills

Companies that invest in Scotland have access to an exceptionally educated, skilled and talented workforce.

Education in Scotland

Scotland has an exceptional education system.

EY Attractiveness Survey 2020

Scotland is yet again the UK's most successful location for FDI outside London.

Your guide to setting up in Scotland (PDF, 1.6MB)

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