Homes and interiors companies in Scotland

Explore Scottish homes and interiors companies to help you add that iconic Scottish style to your product offering.

Did you know?

Scottish companies use the very highest quality fabric and materials. This, combined with their heritage of artistry and innovative design, is what makes them so unique.

World-renowned style

Scottish homes and interiors companies can be found in some of the world’s biggest retailers.

Unrivalled quality

Scottish homes and interiors companies use only the highest quality fabric and materials.

Sustainably focused

Even the most traditional Scottish textiles companies are committed to sustainability.

Comfort and craftmanship

The perfect combination of quality and innovation

The demand for quality home products has never been greater. As the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the world, people truly embraced home comforts.

Scottish companies were well placed to respond to this, already supplying high quality, unique products across the world.

From luxurious wallpapers and innovative lighting to soothing soft furnishings and calming home fragrances, every Scottish product comes with a unique story of where it’s from and how it is made and makes for a wonderful addition to any home.

Benefits of buying from Scottish homes and interiors companies 


Be it tableware or wallpaper, soap or soft furnishings, all home and interior items made by Scottish companies have one thing in common: they are of the highest quality.

Scottish designers such as Timorous Beasties and Araminta Campbell have achieved global recognition for their cutting-edge creativity, and it’s to this standard that all Scottish home and interior companies hold themselves. This quality of design is perfectly matched by the materials used.


Scotland may have a long heritage of designing, manufacturing and producing in the areas of homes and interiors, but that doesn’t mean companies are stuck in the past. Instead, they are inspired by tradition, and often fuse centuries-old techniques with new and exciting ideas to create cutting-edge products.

Innovation across the vast area of homes and interiors comes in many forms; it can be in the design, the manufacturing or the product itself.


The Scottish landscape is famous for its charm; from misty mountains to legendary lochs, the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world is unmissable in these lands. Perhaps this is why Scottish companies are so conscious of the part they play in its protection. Homes and interiors companies in Scotland are putting sustainability at the forefront of their work.

“I think Scottish people are driven by what we can do better, we're driven by a pride in producing products of a very, very high calibre and it's not just about the heritage, it's about what we are doing now and how we can do it better”.

Mark Hogarth, Creative Director for Harris Tweed Hebrides

Successful Scottish home and interiors companies

The Tartan Blanket Co.

The Tartan Blanket Co. creates beautiful, natural products which bring warmth to people's hearts and homes, as well as having a positive impact on the world. It aims to balance beauty and sustainability, recently launching its 1% for the planet, 1% for the people commitment, where it donates 2% of all revenue to help protect the planet. While it started out in Edinburgh, it now works with stockists all over the globe to bring a little bit of Scotland to the whole world.


Soapworks is located in Greater Easterhouse, a post war housing estate in Glasgow. It was founded by Anita & Gordon Roddick, founders of The Body Shop, in 1988. Today, Soapworks Ltd is the UK’s largest manufacturer of soaps, employing over 100 full-time permanent employees. The factory has grown to over 63,000 square feet with a modern soap production facility, supplying soaps to a large and diverse client base around the world.

Timorous Beasties

Timorous Beasties was established in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, who met studying textile design at Glasgow School of Art. Today, the studio is a diverse operation and a multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed interiors company.

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