Hydrogen energy projects in Scotland shape a green future

Scotland is a first mover and test bed for innovative hydrogen energy solutions helping to decarbonise transport systems and reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

World firsts in hydrogen power 

Here are several pioneering hydrogen projects that are happening in Scotland right now, many of them world firsts to deliver sustainable solutions for a brighter greener future for all...

Scotland’s lead on hydrogen transport and energy solutions

Energy transition opportunities

There are several energy transition hubs emerging across Scotland, including Cromarty Firth Energy Hub and the Orion project in Shetland. These hubs are starting to demonstrate the scale of the opportunity and Scotland’s potential role in large scale production and supply of hydrogen.

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC) is the complete redevelopment of the 320-acre deep-water port and marine yard on Scotland’s North Ayrshire coast.

The PARC’s Centre for New Industry and New Energy (C-NINE) is attracting innovative commercial ventures, applying new scientific solutions to address important challenges such as the conversion of plastic to new products and hydrogen.

The PARC is also seeking investment for development and ongoing management of new power generation facilities targeting renewable and transitional technologies such as waste to energy, hydrogen, biomass and other feedstocks.

More about this green investment opportunity

Scotland's hydrogen ecosystem

Scotland offers plentiful opportunities for international companies operating in low carbon transport. From fuel cell development, niche vehicle design and manufacturing to supply chain opportunities, including refuelling infrastructure, operation and maintenance, plus hydrogen safety and flow rate meteorology Scotland has the expertise and ambition.

The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) promotes and develops Scottish expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. It brings together specialist fuel cell and power generation companies, academic institutions, R&D bodies and consultants with local enterprise companies and local authorities to provide a coherent voice to represent, promote and develop Scottish hydrogen and fuel technologies.

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Low carbon transport

Scotland's resources, expertise, drive and ambition make it an attractive location for investments in low carbon transport projects. 

Renewables and low carbon

Scotland is home to the world’s first tidal array, world’s first floating offshore wind farm and Europe’s largest hydrogen bus fleet.

Green energy supply chain

Exceptional experience, unique offshore energy capabilities and unrivalled support, make us natural supply chain partners for renewable energy projects worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities, suppliers or want to chat about a potential low carbon project, we’re here to help.