Recruiting staff in Scotland

As a business in Scotland, you’re connected to a skilled, educated workforce. Find out how to recruit the right staff for your company.

In addition to being a global leader in traditional industries like finance, Scotland thrives in innovative sectors like technology, life sciences and renewable energy. We have the highest educational attainment of any part of the UK and the highest concentration of universities in Europe. Your business is connected to an exceptionally skilled and well-educated workforce.

There are several ways to recruit talented people for your business:

  • Advertise your jobs online on your website or via job boards, social media, specialist trade press, and local and national newspapers. Some are free – fees vary according to the publication.
  • Use a recruitment agency to handle the recruiting process for your business. They take care of everything – from advertising, to co-ordinating interviews and negotiating offers. Their fees vary, but are typically 15-25% of the successful candidate’s salary.
  • Contact the career departments of colleges and universities in Scotland to find candidates for junior or trainee positions.
  • Use JobCentre Plus – a government-run employment agency that may also be able to find candidates for you.

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Interns, apprentices and graduates in Scotland

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