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ILI Energy Storage is selling a portfolio of 15 battery storage development projects at various locations across Scotland. The portfolio has a capacity of up to 750MW, with overall development capital expenditure of around £285 million.

Formed in 2004 to promote eco-friendly developments, the Intelligent Land Investments (ILI) Group operates across the energy storage, renewable energy and residential development markets, creating value for investors in all three sectors.

As part of the ILI Group, ILI Energy Storage plc was set up in 2015 with a core focus to develop 2GW of pumped-storage hydro and over 1GW of utility-scale battery storage. The company is developing a portfolio of 15 battery storage development projects across Scotland, offered for sale as individual projects or on a portfolio basis.

Overall, the current portfolio has the capacity of up to 750MW and development capital expenditure of around £285 million.

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Value £285 million

Clean energy and circular economy

15 individual battery storage projects

Located across Scotland

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Exciting new battery storage development project opportunities are being offered across Scotland by ILI Energy Storage plc (part of the Intelligent Land Investment Group plc).

Battery storage projects provide a new asset class for investors focused on low carbon infrastructure. It's a market that will see significant growth over the coming years, with National Grid predicting that over 40GW of storage could be required by 2050.

Battery storage systems are emerging as one of the primary solutions to effectively integrate high shares of intermittent renewables energy in power systems worldwide.

Electricity storage solutions are also being deployed to provide essential support services to electricity grids, such as demand management and frequency response.

In response to the growing demand for battery storage projects in the UK, ILI have to date identified and secured several high-quality locations throughout Scotland to develop a portfolio of battery storage development projects.

ILI’s portfolio will be made up of fifteen storage projects with the required development rights and permits. In total, some 750MW of capacity is being developed, which provides an opportunity for an investor or developer to build out and ultimately operate a portfolio of assets.

The target market for each project’s electricity output is the UK transmission and distribution grid. The projects typically take the form of flexible trading or ancillary service contracts to support the grid through voltage support, frequency regulation and spinning reserves.

Battery storage projects use proven battery technology to store electricity during periods of low demand and when the power price is comparatively low, and to release (discharge) electricity when it's commercially viable to do so, during periods of higher demand when the power price is comparatively high.

This pricing deferential typically represents one forms of revenue for the owner of the storage asset, after relevant costs have been allowed for.

From a strategic perspective, significant improvements to energy storage capacity will play an important role in helping to balance Scotland's expanding renewable energy resources. It will also be a critical step in helping Scotland to meet its net zero commitments by 2045.

Scotland-wide development projects

Development rights to each individual project within the portfolio will include:

  • Planning consent
  • Site lease agreements
  • Grid connection
  • Other subsidiary development permits

The current status of the portfolio development rights is as follows:


  • Two sites already have planning consent in place
  • Three sites are in planning
  • Proposal of Application Notices (PAN) have been submitted on a further nine sites
  • One site is in pre-planning assessment

Grid connections

  • Seven sites have grid offers accepted
  • Three are in assessment/negotiation with DNO (SP or SSE)
  • Five are being prepared for assessment with DNO (SP or SSE)

Site lease

  • All site exclusivity arrangements are in place, with leases either agreed or in negotiation

Two of the projects are in the Highlands and two in Aberdeenshire. Aberdeen City, Perth & Kinross, West Lothian, East Ayrshire, Argyll & Bute, Angus, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Fife, Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire (each with one project).

Investment opportunity and forecast growth

ILI Energy Storage plc is selling a portfolio of development rights to develop 15 separate battery storage projects across Scotland. Investors could purchase the entire portfolio or a portion there of, as sites become ready for development.

The total capital expenditure (capex) required to develop the entire portfolio is around £285 million. The average capex to develop one project is around £19 million. Each site has been designed with capacity to deliver around 49.9MW.

Purchase consideration will be paid in cash upon financial close. The capital required to develop the portfolio projects will typically be funded through a combination of debt and equity.

Upon purchase of the portfolio, or a part thereof, the investor or developer will need to make their own arrangement for construction and technology deployment, operation, maintenance, and revenue generation agreements. ILI will support the investor or developer throughout this phase.

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