Financial and tax incentives

Want to bring your project to life? Think Scotland. Benefit from a range of attractive incentives to help you upskill your staff, develop new products and services and access growth capital.

Funding, grants and support

The way we support businesses in Scotland is changing. We’re putting in place a simpler, more inclusive funding model that will help support investors, create jobs and a greener economy.

This model will be launched from the end of February 2021, with grant funding targeted towards projects that will help generate jobs and support Scotland’s ambitions for a low carbon economy.

Tax relief and incentives

Investing in a green, sustainable future

The Scottish National Investment Bank, the UK’s first mission-led development bank, has officially opened for business, backed by £2 billion from the Scottish Government over ten years.

The Bank will fund what matters most to Scotland for a greener, sustainable future, helping transform our wellbeing, spaces and economy.

At launch, the Bank completed its first major investment of £12.5 million in Glasgow-based laser and quantum technology firm M Squared Lasers to support the company’s further growth in Scotland. 

Pictured: Trade & Investment Minister Ivan McKee with Dr Graeme Malcolm CEO and founder of M Squared at the company's Glasgow lab in July 2019.

Inside a lab at M Squared Lasers - Pictured L-R  Quantum Technology Scientist Joshua Hughes , Trade & Investment Minister Ivan McKee with Dr Graeme Malcolm CEO and founder of M Squared

"Science and advanced technologies have a major role to play in Scotland’s future economic prosperity. By increasing investment in research and development with a mission-based approach, Scotland has a real opportunity to actively tackle climate change and benefit from the coming quantum revolution."

Dr Graeme Malcolm, CEO and founder of M Squared

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