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Water and waste water expertise in Scotland

Welcome to Scotland - a Hydro Nation

Water and waste water issues are cited as the top global risk in terms of impact.

1.9 billion people rely on unsafe water - with global water demand set to rise 30% by 2030. In fact, by 2025, it has been estimated that two-thirds of the world's population could face water shortages. Water scarcity threatens public health and reduces food production.

Answering these issues demands innovative and proven technologies - and Scotland's 200 water technology companies are ready to help.

Wherever you are in the world we can help you connect with the Scottish expertise needed to address your own water and waste water challenges.

Why Scotland?

A Hydro Nation with 150 years of experience and 200 water companies

Our water and waste water expertise is built on 150 years of public utilities experience.

Today we're home to around 200 water technology companies - backed by a wider supply chain that includes engineering consultancies and construction businesses.

These companies have proven and sustainable technologies and many are already operating in a range of international markets.

So, wherever you are in the world, you'll find a Scottish company ready to support your own water or wastewater project.

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Our companies have a wide range of expertise:

  • Water supply and treatment
  • Infrastructure and services
  • Flood prevention
  • Nutrient and mineral recovery
  • Removal of priority substances
  • Heat recovery
  • Smart management
  • Water testing and monitoring
  • Ground water remediation
  • Desalination
  • Water features and swimming pools

Water and waste water

Building a Hydro Nation

Helping our water and waste water companies flourish on the global stage.

Scotland is a Hydro Nation - a nation that recognises the value of water and manages its water environment to support the low carbon economy at home and abroad.

That's why Scotland is home to a Centre of Expertise for Waters bringing together experts from Scotland's thriving academic sector.

We support innovation through Scotland's Hydro National Water Innovation Service and are working to build an integrated supply chain and to support collaboration.

Companies doing business with Scotland benefit from our talented workforce.

International sector head - Ewen Cameron

An experienced supply chain and a commitment to building a Hydro Nation make doing business with Scotland the natural choice for your water or waste water company.

We have offices in 20 countries, staffed by teams who can talk you through Scotland’s capabilities and help you connect with the right suppliers, partners and contractors for your project.

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Scotland's global success stories

Scottish companies are already active in markets around the world, delivering Scottish innovation to important projects across the globe.

Aqualution Systems Ltd

The innovation:

Aqualution Systems Ltd have developed a process from the application of electro-dialysis and ion exchange of a salt-water solution to produce a stable version of hypochlorous acid, extending its shelf life and allowing its use as a biocide for commercial and domestic use.

The markets:

21 generators were installed at a processing plant in Kenya - reducing water used from 500,000 litres per week to under 100,000 litres per week with annual savings of £250,000.

In 2016 a second system was installed in Kenya along with a system in Egypt.

Orders have been received for a third system in Kenya and three systems across the UK with Interest from Ghana, South Africa and Brazil. 

Scotmas Group

The innovation:

The design and manufacture of chlorine dioxide products and water treatment dosing systems for projects around the world.

The markets:

Building on work done by Heriot Watt University, a specialised water disinfection was designed for Doha in Qatar. This was built in Scotland and shipped to Qatar in 2015.

By tailoring their approach to customer needs they have found success in a ranger of markets including Egypt, Turkey, India, Portugal and Chile.

By collaborating with other Scottish based companies Scotmas aim to integrate their technology with other water filtration and waste water technologies.

Dryden Aqua

The innovation:

Using technology originally developed for fish farms to diversify into public aquaria, swimming pools and drinking water.

The markets:

Dryden Aqua's AFM technology currently provides clean drinking water for millions of people around the world along with over 200,000 swimming pools and some of the world's largest aquariums.

The company's factory is the most sophisticated filter media manufacturing facility in Europe.

Plans are now being progressed to open new manufacturing facilities in Asia to offer a more efficient service to existing clients in India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.