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Scottish oil and gas: In safe hands

Our safety credentials would not be possible without fierce commitment to training.

The number of world-class oil and gas education establishments, located in and around our Aberdeen hub, is a concentration rarely seen anywhere else.

Our institutions take training programmes out to international markets, helping to train local workers and build a legacy of safety.

As a result, we consistently produce highly trained oil and gas professionals who are recognised and trusted the world over for their reliability at every level.

Scotland's global reputation for oil and gas training infographic

The global industry agrees

74% of senior industry figures see Scotland as an international training centre.

We recently surveyed key international oil and gas figures about Scotland's place in the global oil & gas industry.

The results were overwhelming - senior figures from key oil and gas markets know that when it comes to training and educations Scotland has long set the global standard for the industry.

Building oil and gas skills

The oil and gas industry in Scotland is supported by a range of training and education programmes.

Our academic institutions

Helping students and industry develop theoretical and practical skills, our Universities offer undergraduate and Master of Science degrees. They cover areas such as oil and and gas engineering, decommissioning, law, management and accounting.

The Heriot-Watt University Institute of Petroleum Engineering offers the UK's largest oil and gas research programme.

The University of Dundee Centre of Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law provides education and research in the oil business and law and policy issues around the industry. It is the institution of choice for aspiring and serving energy ministers from all over the world.

The Dynamic Advanced Response Training (DART) facility, is a joint venture between Robert Gordon University and KCA Deutag Drilling Limited. It uses computer simulation technology to more efficiently teach drilling techniques, using 3D graphics to represent a rig floor. The graphics also represent the wide range of equipment and drilling processes currently used by the oil and gas industry.

The oil and gas academy

Our credentials in safety are primarily driven by the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Board (OPITB). Headquartered in Aberdeen, OPITO’s benchmark training standards and learning products are used in over 40 countries worldwide. Its accreditation is widely considered to be the gold standard for safety training.

Oil and gas technical apprentice programme (OGTAP)

OGTAP is managed by OPITO and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB). OPITO manage the programme on behalf of the operators and the ECITB manage the programme on behalf of the contractors.

Delivered at colleges across Scotland, it is one of the most successful apprenticeship schemes of its kind. OGTAP equips motivated candidates with the skills and knowledge to work offshore and onshore in four varied disciplines: instrument and control maintenance; mechanical maintenance; electrical maintenance and process operations.

Global leaders built from Scotland's foundations

Our skills and reputation have allowed us to share our expertise with the world.

Institutions such as Robert Gordon University (RGU), the University of Aberdeen and Forth Valley College are continually taking their training out to growing markets like Nigeria and Senegal.

Aberdeen Drilling School now have training centres in Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia. The University of Aberdeen, in partnership with RGU, launched the UK's first Masters in oil and gas decommissioning in 2016.

Our reputation for safety and reliability is widely recognised. In an international survey, 71% of respondents say they see Scots as the most dependable workers in the industry. A similar number believe Scotland is a leading training ground for the industry.

Scottish training and safety expertise has made a positive impact on the world. Our drive to innovate means we are constantly coming up with more and better ways to upskill your workforce and helping you to improve reliability.

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