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Scottish oil and gas: Tap into a well of expertise

Even after 150 years of oil drilling and production, the majority of oil stays un-extracted in the ground. So, it's no wonder that maximising oil recovery rates is top of everyone’s agenda.

Scotland's strengths lie both in digital solutions as well as technological innovations to improve recovery rates. Our SMEs are world leaders in specialist reservoir modelling, digital management systems and workflow process training.

Our technology helps producers track, monitor and optimise the performance of their wells, whilst our innovative technologies help to enhance recovery.

With Scotland's help, our partners can get the most out of their reservoirs for the least amount of investment in time, money and labour.

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The digital oilfield

Many of our major breakthroughs have come in digital oilfield technology – including reservoir modelling and simulation, and workflow optimisation.

Led by companies such as Petroleum Experts in Edinburgh, we have over 40 companies in modelling alone.

Amongst these, we have specific competences in modelling interpretation and evaluation. Our skills in deep water modelling are also relevant to both onshore and offshore wells across the world.

A commitment to innovation and development

Regardless of specialism, our supply chain companies share a commitment to constant innovation and development.

As an example, Software company Sciencesoft Limited is undergoing a multi-million pound research project. The aim is to develop a new integrated solution for chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) reservoir simulation. Boosted by a £1.5 million R&D grant from Scottish Enterprise, they are developing four new products to help clients merge the entire reservoir simulation process. This involves building, controlling, simulating and analysing into a single easy-to-use system.

A committed network of research facilities and institutions supports our companies' innovation efforts. They include CENSIS - the Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems, launched in 2013 - and specialist units at Aberdeen, Heriot Watt and Robert Gordon Universities. They are all world-renowned for their oil and gas programmes.

This fertile ground for innovation encouraged the integrated oil and gas company, Total S.A, to set up one of its seven Centres for Excellence, the Geoscience Research Centre (GRC), in Aberdeen. One of their recent innovations is a prototype that allows geologists to check if reservoir models match a given well test. This provides key information needed to progress exploration project decisions, which would have previously been available only through a much more time-consuming full field flow simulation.

Scotland's focus on innovation means our companies are among the leading lights in the areas of marginal field development, enhanced oil extraction and digital oilfield. Their products and capabilities help producers around the world get the best possible yield from their reservoirs.

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Scotland's oil and gas expertise

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