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Scottish oil and gas: Engineered to last

Our vast network of supply chain companies is expert in everything from cleaning and inspection equipment to maintenance and specialist components.

We know how to help you get the most out of your platforms and topsides, optimising performance and extending asset life. With the help of Scottish companies, you can have your platforms and topsides running more efficiently and reliably than ever before.

Cyberhawk drone in action


Our efforts in inspection are focused on efficiency and reliability.

They are driven by technological solutions that cut down on the manpower and time needed to conduct routine and unplanned inspection operations.

Livingston-based Cyberhawk was the first company to deploy unmanned drones for the purposes of inspection in the North Sea. The innovative drones and iHawk software suite provide end-to-end solutions for oil and gas producers. Results showed this technique proved 20 times more efficient than traditional inspection methods, and was half the cost of traditional inspection methods.


Our repair expertise lies in the high quality and precision engineering that our companies provide.

Highly regarded Scottish companies, such as the Weir Group, the Wood Group and the Global Energy Group, lead the way and operate in every corner of the globe.

Global Energy Group works across the full topside and platform lifecycle. The company has expertise right through from construction to decommissioning. Its sector-leading services are specifically designed for the demands of 21st century oil and gas production. The Group is also one of the largest producers of bespoke fabrication products to a number of markets. They are also experts in upgrading and refurbishing topside equipment.

Our companies have also developed innovative techniques for improving safety and reducing uncertainty when conducting repairs. Safehouse Habitats provides innovative-engineered protection, or 'habitats', which control environments. They insulate workers from heat, chemicals, the elements and other hazards.

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Maintenance and modifications

As experts on using non-corrosive materials, such as PVC in platform repair and maintenance, we can also help assure the integrity of your assets for longer.

A number of our companies, such as Bibby Offshore and Whittaker Engineering, are experts in providing bespoke modifications on rig. They can conduct complicated upgrading work without the need to bring components or structures back on shore, minimising disruptions to your operations.

Oil and gas worker in Scotland

Engineered to last

With Scottish companies supporting your business, you can be assured that your platforms and topsides stay in the best shape possible for the longest amount of time.

When they do need to be repaired, our innovations and solutions minimise downtime without compromising on quality. This is an ultimate benefit of your bottom line.

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