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Subsea engineering in Scotland

40% of the world’s subsea wells are located off our shores.

We’ve also spent half-a-century producing oil in challenging conditions of the North Sea. This means Scotland’s experience in subsea oil and gas can't be matched.

Our companies lead the way in the optimisation of subsea technologies and processes. We're home to world-leading institutions and experts in the areas of marine, subsea and pipelines.

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Trust in our reliability and experience

Having spent so long working in subsea, Scottish companies have faced and overcome nearly every challenge and difficulty imaginable.

It's no surprise we're known universally for the reliability of our technology, processes and people.

Our experience, expertise and drive to improve in tandem have helped us to gain recognition as the world’s most trusted authority in subsea oil and gas.

Expert capabilities for any subsea challenge

We have 38,000 people working in the Subsea industry across 370 companies, turning over an estimated £7.5 billion.

The largest players in the subsea engineering and construction industry have significant operations on our shores. They include TechnipFMC, Aker Solutions, GE Oil & Gas, Subsea 7 and Bibby Offshore.

We're well-known for exporting new technologies into common usage all around the world. These include the subsea Christmas tree valve system, which was commercially developed in the North Sea, and the first floating production semisubmersible put into service.

WFS Technologies Ltd is the only company in the world that builds low frequency radio systems for undersea communication. Its 'Seatooth' technology overcomes reliability limitations that conventional wireless and radio wave equipment face underwater.

EC-OG Ltd is investing £3.9 million to develop its innovative subsea power generation system. The Subsea Power Hub (SPH) uses an ocean current to produce an autonomous, renewable, electrical power source on the seabed.

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Almost half the world's subsea installations are in the North Sea

It's little wonder that our subsea engineering companies are among the best in the world.

Our subsea sector has experience and expertise. And the skills they've developed working with the Scottish oil and gas industry can boost projects across the world.

We're committed to making it easier for companies like yours to find partners, suppliers and investment opportunities in Scotland.

Scotland's subsea action plan highlights our strengths and sets out how we'll work to make our subsea sector truly international.

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Subsea engineering in Scotland

An extensive, innovative support network

Scotland has many world-class R&D facilities.

These include the National Subsea Research Initiative, the Underwater Centre, Oceanlab, Flowave, the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre and the National Hyperbaric Centre. They innovate continuously to make our technology and processes more reliable and efficient.

If you're looking for the experience and skills needed for your next subsea project, look to Scotland. Our global network of offices can help you make connections with the subsea industry in Scotland.

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Applying our expertise to other sectors

Our companies aren't satisfied only with subsea oil and gas opportunities.

Instead they have sought out new ideas and approaches from related industries such as defence and aquaculture. As an example, they have turned to Formula 1 for lessons on simulation and rapid prototyping.

At the same time, we are transferring our oil and gas expertise into other sectors. For example, Ecosse Subsea Systems are known for providing specialist tooling in the field of submarine umbilical, pipeline lay and burial operations.

They have successfully diversified into providing reliable cable protection services for the offshore wind farm industry.

Our companies bring what they have learnt back into the oil and gas sector. This helps keep our supply chain and partners ahead of the curve.

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