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Drilling and wells

Scottish oil and gas: drilling, a core strength

Developed and tested in the harsh conditions of the North Sea, Scottish technologies can be counted on to help you get more out of your oilfields.

At the same time we maintain the highest standards of reliability.

Our trusted expertise in well integrity management, drilling safety and reservoir monitoring can help you guard against accidents. So you are given peace of mind, without compromising on efficiency.

Our companies can also keep your operations producing for longer with enhanced recovery techniques, directional drilling and HPHT technology. Therefore you get the most out of your assets without having to risk starting new projects.

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Oil and gas process management

Scottish expertise – global reach

Scottish companies are still major players in the world’s biggest markets. The Weir Group is one of the largest companies in Houston.

Aberdeen based TWMA waste management operate everywhere from the United States to the United Arab Emirates. The company offers a diverse range of waste management services, such as drill cutting management, slops treatment and waste audit.

Perth-based Merlin ERD supply extended reach drilling engineering expertise to the world's biggest oil and gas markets.

We're taking our drilling expertise out into the world to help train and benefit companies in other markets.

Aberdeen Drilling School now operates its internationally-recognised well control training in five markets, including Muscat, Oman and Malaysia. 1700 people take their course every year. They also welcome more than 650 students a year at their Kuala Lumpur training location.

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Resourceful, adaptable and tested

Our expertise offers a resourceful and adaptable competitive edge wherever offshore recovery takes place.

We have a strong hub of companies working at the pioneering edge of the drilling and wells subsector and a system of support, which will continue to breed further innovation. This makes Scotland the perfect place to access new technologies. You'll also be able to recover reserves from previously inaccessible or uneconomical reservoirs of oil and gas.

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Scotland's oil and gas expertise

Workers at Forth Ports


Scottish Energy Ports

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China-based iRes-Geo Technology’s Scottish base in Edinburgh

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Oil and gas in Scotland


Connecting with global oil and gas markets

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