Oil and gas

Why trade with Scotland?

5 reasons why Scotland excels in the oil and gas sector

  1. We've got over 50 years of achievement and our expertise is sought by companies across the world.
  2. We're used to working in the harsh North Sea and are equipped to maximise recovery in the most inhospitable regions of the world.
  3. We're innovative and can help your company make the most of oil and gas resources quickly and efficiently.
  4. We're already trading with the world, our companies are used to international trade and benefit from our extensive global support network.
  5. We're Europe's oil capital - Aberdeen is a global hub for the industry and trading with Scotland can also open access to new markets elsewhere in the world.
Aberdeen Harbour, Offshore Europe 2015

Scottish oil and gas: pioneering for your success

We have built up a vast and collaborative supply chain in Scotland.

We combine this with a system of committed financial support and a concentration of specialist R&D facilities. The result is a true centre for excellence in oil and gas that continues to create and evolve more groundbreaking technology and processes every day.


A growing global impact

Scotland's global reputation for oil and gas expertise means we're doing more and more global business.

In 2015, total international sales were £11.4 billion and diversification activity in the sector had increased by 11% since 2014.

New markets and trade partners are emerging all the time in key regions across the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

Industry-wide expertise

Scottish companies have overcome some of the most challenging conditions in the world.

As a result, we have around 2,000 supply chain companies at the cutting edge of everything from drilling and safety to enhanced recovery and decommissioning.


Our supply chain companies are pioneers in new technologies for increasing extraction and efficiency.

Drilling and wells

Scottish companies offer pioneering drilling technology and well management capabilities, specialising in directional drilling, enhanced oil recovery and marginal field development.

Platforms and topsides

Scotland is a world leader in inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM). This means that we can make your platforms and topsides last longer, work more efficiently and run smoothly.

Marine, subsea and pipelines

Our subsea supply chain connects you to the best facilities, technologies and innovative minds to meet your business challenges.

Support services

Our oil and gas skills have been honed on the harsh, dangerous and unpredictable conditions of the North Sea. Scottish oil and gas companies have, in turn, developed themselves into some of the world’s safest operators.

Scottish Energy Ports

Discover valuable opportunities for the energy industry.

With decades of experience in oil and gas and abundant renewable energy resources, Scotland is the natural home for your energy project. Ports across the country also offer the infrastructure you need.

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