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World Gourmet Summit

Scotland is blessed with a fantastic larder of some of the best naturally healthy produce in the world.

Food and drink is Scotland's top export industry - we sell our produce to over 200 markets worldwide. And that figure is growing all the time. 

Find out why a huge number of international retailers and many of the world's best chefs are all choosing to buy Scottish. 

Scottish salmon sashimi

Celebrating seafood from Scotland

Chefs from around the world will experience a taste of Scotland at this year's World Gourmet Summit in Singapore.

Scottish Seafood will be featured by at least 10 leading restaurants from across the city during the World Gourmet Summit.

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Meeting global demand

What makes Scottish salmon and seafood so popular?

Scottish seafood

In demand all around the globe, from Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi, Paris and Milan, sustainable seafood from the cold clear productive seas of Scotland, is the perfect choice for the world’s best chefs. 

With over 12,000 kilometres of pristine coastline, the sea has always played a large part in Scotland’s history.

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Scottish salmon

Scottish salmon is the best tasting farm-raised salmon available in the marketplace today, recognised internationally for its high standards. 

It’s this blend of expertise, dedicated salmon farmers, rigidly controlled methods and the most natural environment that makes Scottish salmon one of the world’s true delicacies.

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Quality, luxury, provenance

Watch our video to see why Scottish seafood is recognised the world over

Scotland's seas and lochs have been home to a rich and diverse range of seafood for generations. From delicious farmed salmon, to succulent whitefish, sweet flavoured shellfish and the world's largest supply of langoustine. 

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A seasonal guide to Scottish seafood

Some of the world's finest seafood grows in Scotland's natural pure waters

We're proud of the efforts made to ensure a highly regulated seafood industry. 

Scotland leads the way in many responsible and sustainable farming and fishing practices, maintaining its pristine marine environment and helping to preserve the seas and fish stocks for future generations.

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Scottish plaice, Scottish king scallops with green pea puree and Yuzu, ginger foam

Kudos to Scotland

Watch highlights from last year's World Gourmet Summit with founder Peter Knipp

"The best quality langoustine, salmon and scallops are just part of the huge variety of seafood that Scotland has to offer, and sharing that with the World Gourmet Summit is having a real influence on how people in this market think about sourcing seafood," says Peter.

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Come and meet us at the World Gourmet Summit

We'll be at the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 14 April and the Sunset Cocktail ceremony on Sunday 19 April. On top of that Will Meyrick will be hosting a Scottish seafood workshop at Sunrice on Thursday 16 April and we'll be hosting a seafood dinner with Highland Park on Saturday 18 April at The Prime Society. 

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