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King of fish reigns supreme

Scotland helped pioneer the world’s salmon farming industry, building the sector from a small player into today’s multi-million-pound industry. Scotland is now the third largest farmed salmon producer in the world.

Nature, as well as ambition, played its part in the industry’s growth, with Scotland’s many sea lochs providing a perfect environment to farm fish. Unpolluted seas and strong currents are essential to help develop the firm, textured flesh and exceptional flavour Scottish salmon is renowned for.


Scotland is the third largest farmed salmon producer in the world

Salmon sector is in the pink

Decades of hard work, a relentless focus on quality and provenance, and an eagerness to search out and satisfy new markets, has seen Scottish salmon build and maintain a global reputation.

  • In 2004, in recognition of our unique marine environment, European authorities granted Scottish salmon Protected Geographical Indication status
  • Fresh Scottish salmon is exported to almost 60 countries, its quality tightly controlled by production, environmental, welfare and nutrition standards - and full traceability from egg to plate
  • 78% of Scottish farmed salmon production has participated in the RSPCA Assured standard since 2014 - the world’s only independently-audited welfare scheme
  • In 2014, exports of whole fresh salmon rose to an all-time high, with a value of almost £500 million
  • Scottish farmed salmon is one of the richest sources of health-enhancing, long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Scottish salmon was the first non-French food and the first fish to gain the prestigious 'Label Rouge' quality mark, granted by the French Ministry of Agriculture

Scottish salmon is the best tasting farm-raised salmon available in the marketplace today.

Tim Aupperle, Southern Pacific Rim, Whole Foods Market

Farmers bring added value

Scottish salmon swim in cold, clear seas, cared for by farmers who instinctively know and understand their fish.

The dedication of our salmon farmers is aided by leading-edge research, innovation and technology. It’s this blend of expertise, innovative farming methods, and a stunning, natural environment that makes Scottish salmon one of the world’s true delicacies.

Sharing the benefits

Our fish farmers put as much care into maintaining the country’s pristine marine environment as they do into producing the perfect fish. They don’t just farm the sea - they are the custodians of our waters for future generations.

That care also brings social and financial benefits to their communities, often remote places where fish farming provides secure careers and training.

Location, location, location

Scotland’s unique geography offers perfect conditions for salmon farming. Our crystal-clear sea lochs, with their high-quality, highly oxygenated, fast-flowing waters, provide the perfect marine environment to produce the best quality salmon.

It’s all about our water

The rapid flow of water in our sea lochs provides fish with the required conditions to grow well and produce the highest quality flesh.

The tides and strong currents in our sea lochs mean fish are continually swimming, helping them to lay down good muscle bulk.

With seasonal water temperatures fluctuating between 5 and 15 degrees, Scottish farmed salmon experience similar sea conditions to their wild cousins, helping farmers to produce high quality fish.

Scottish salmon was the first fish to gain the prestigious ‘Label Rouge’ quality mark

A reputation beyond our shores

The unique quality, taste and flavour offered by Scottish salmon has made it a global favourite with both diners and chefs.

As the healthy-eating message hits home across the globe, more and more diners are enjoying the health benefits of a diet rich in oily fish. The convenience and quick-cooking time offered by salmon makes the fish a favourite with hungry, busy consumers.

Chefs see added value

The quality of our farmed salmon is recognised by the world’s top chefs, many of whom see Scottish produce as offering premium quality and flavour.

From Shetland to Singapore, Hull to Hong Kong, Scottish salmon - smoked, cured or fresh - takes centre stage on many top menus.

New markets, new customers

Last year, in a bid to raise the global profile of our salmon, we joined with industry body, Scottish Seafood, to enable a number of Scottish producers to attend Toyko’s Japanese Seafood Exhibition, an event which attracted over 1,200 exhibitors and around 35,000 visitors.

Export growth

As one of the largest consumers of seafood in the world, Japan is a crucial market for Scottish producers, with our exports having grown by around 180% since 2007.

Japanese chefs place a premium on quality and freshness – and Scots producers more than measure up to their high standards.

We’ve supplied the Japanese market for a few years, and they really appreciate our high-quality, sashimi-grade Scottish salmon. By improving our understanding of this important market, we’re keen to achieve increased volumes.

Gilpin Bradley Managing director, Wester Ross Salmon

Local knowledge, expert advice

With a wealth of producers and processors, and a long history of exporting to overseas markets, Scotland’s salmon sector can deliver. With the backing of our expert advisers, we can help you to take our produce from loch to plate.

We have an extensive network of offices around the world. Our international staff live and work within their office locale, have a comprehensive understanding of your market-specific business needs and can help link you to Scottish salmon producers and suppliers.

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