Scotland's education is open to the world. We've a strong track record of working with overseas partners, through delivery of teaching, training, in-country provision, or a more ‘blended learning’ approach.

UK's number one for university spin outs

Scotland is the most successful part of the UK for the creation of university spin out companies

Among the world's very best

Five of Scotland’s institutions are amongst the top 1% of the world’s universities

Home of world-leading research

Scotland is home to world-leading leading research of outstanding impact

Some of the world's very best universities

Scotland has the one of the highest concentration of universities in Europe. For a small country, we’re big on brains.

Five Scottish universities are ranked in the world’s top 200 according to the 2018 Times Higher Education rankings. This means five of Scotland’s institutions are in the top 1% of the world’s universities.

Life sciences project, Dundee University

World-leading research

Scotland is home to world-leading leading research of outstanding impact. Every one of our universities undertakes research of world-leading quality.

Scotland’s universities produce spin-outs at a dizzying rate. In fact, more companies are formed based on inventions or knowledge from university research here than any other part of the UK.

Stem cell bioengineering

Education projects we can help you with include:

  • Transnational education partnerships that deliver Scottish qualifications in your overseas market
  • International commercial opportunities, such as Continuous Professional Development (CPD), which require a Scottish academic partner 
  • Contract or collaborative research partnerships across a range of key sectors – from golf and engineering in China to healthcare services in India, and pretty much everything in between. 

Scottish universities and colleges offer an extensive range of high level and vocational qualifications, at home and overseas. 

Whether you're seeking undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, executive education or CPD programmes, these can be tailored to your local overseas markets. 

Global reach

Scotland's higher education institutions continue to raise their game in globally competitive markets with overseas operations in the UAE, Oman, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Angola and many other countries worldwide.

Demand for Scotland's tertiary education provision is at an all-time high. We can put you in touch with key providers and help build long-lasting partnerships.

Aberdeen University library

Scotland's universities welcome the world

"It's so easy to make friends here. Culture is all around you." Hear from students studying in Scotland as they talk about what Scotland means to them – a vibrant and warm country to study, live and flourish in.

All 19 higher education institutions across Scotland have come together with partners across Scotland to back a new campaign to welcome students from around the world: Scotland’s universities welcome the world.

A diverse and inclusive country

Scotland is a diverse and inclusive country that celebrates being home to many different people and cultures from around the world:

  • Over 50,000 international students already live and learn in Scotland
  • Scotland’s universities are already home to over 180 different nationalities among their students and staff

If you have any questions or want to talk with one of our advisers, we're always ready to help.