Why Scotland is the right choice for cyber security

For a small country, Scotland is big on developing cyber security solutions to help governments, businesses and organisations around the world stay ahead of potential risks. Whether that's protecting critical infrastructure, keeping communications networks secure and protecting financial services to enabling the secure use of health data to improve wellbeing.

Digital solutions to real life challenges 

Today, cyber security is no longer a luxury but a necessity this has rarely been more topical. COVID-19 has catalysed the massive shift in scale and speed of digital adoption necessary to navigate a new business landscape and establish different ways of working.  

This presents us with a whole new set of cyber challenges. How do we keep ourselves safe now, in a rapidly evolving digital landscape? And how do we ensure the security of future digital innovation and support the evolution of new business models? 

Having cyber at the core, underpinning smart digital solutions to meet the needs of the future, is critical. Scotland can provide access to cutting-edge research, a joined-up tech innovation ecosystem, and access to a pre-existing digital tech community for networking and collaboration. That makes Scotland a great place for developing secure digital solutions to real life challenges.  

Webinar: Tuesday 7 July, 2.00pm-3.00pm BST

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Scotland has cyber security experts in:

  • Ethical hacking 
  • Information management 
  • Monitoring and detection 
  • Identification and authentication 
  • Network security 
  • Digital forensics 

We also have complementary strengths in areas such as data-driven innovation, AI, blockchain, IoT and quantum robotics, cyber research, fintech and offshore subsea technologies. 

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Raising cyber security standards

Although we have a wealth of existing digital talent, we’re already upskilling for the future. Our students are already learning about topics such as data security, digital forensics and ethical hacking. 

By educating our youngest minds, we are building a nation that has informed citizens, informed businesses and informed organisations who can make the most of digital technologies and manage risks safely. 

By investing in Scotland and being part of our tech community, you can access our renowned academic institutions, which have an outstanding record of industry engagement and research output. 

We’ve invested significantly in our universities and innovation centres, creating a unique tech hub that is home to a UK government approved Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. 

What’s more, as one of the UK’s leading business centres, Scotland offers stability and security thanks to world-class technological capabilities across key sectors such as financial and business services. 

“There are clear commercial drivers to our operations in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Scottish universities are cultivating some of the best software engineers in the world and helping to establish Scotland as a world leader in computer science research and education.”

Julian Palmer, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Corero

Scotland's cyber security ecosystem

Whether you're looking to locate your cyber security business in Scotland or need help finding cyber security experts to work with, we're here to help.

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