LUMIRADX CREATES global centre of excellence IN SCOTLAND

LumiraDx has developed a next generation point-of-care diagnostic platform and tests for a range of diseases. It is creating a global centre of excellence and prime manufacturing location in Scotland, tapping into the wealth of skills and talent.

The company has announced a £78 million investment in its current Scottish operations which is the largest and most ambitious R&D investment of its kind in Scotland. 

Diagnostic research and development

This diagnostic research and development (R&D) hub and manufacturing facility will create 510 new jobs, safeguard 200 others, includes £78 million total capital investment plus £15 million public sector support.

LumiraDx recognised the exceptional talent and solid business environment in Scotland which includes robust public sector support. In fact, Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s national economic development agency, played a key role in securing the project and will provide support to ensure maximum inclusive economic impact from the investment.

"Next-generation point-of-care testing technology can help to transform healthcare systems. It’s an exciting undertaking, and we know to do this quickly and to do it well we need the right infrastructure in place and access to incredible talent to drive this development. Scotland has both."

Ron Zwanziger, Chief Executive of LumiraDx

Point-of-care test systems

The new Scottish facility will support scale-up of the company’s current Covid-19 antigen test as well as the development of other groundbreaking point-of-care tests. The company currently has a pipeline of 30 tests being developed for conditions including blood clots, heart disease, and diabetes.

These tests allow medical practitioners and patients to get a quick and affordable diagnosis.

This simple, portable and easy-to-use technology can give results in minutes from something as simple as a drop of blood. On top of this, data can be uploaded to a patient’s health record remotely, giving doctors easy and fast access to the results and allowing them to act quickly if required.

It will also mean that people living with long term conditions will be able to play a significant role in managing and improving their health. Not only that, it could reduce the need for face-to-face consultations or unplanned hospital admissions.

Covid-19 tests

LumiraDx’s relationship with the Scottish life sciences community is already well-established, having engaged with NHS Scotland testing products in clinical trials throughout Scotland and the UK.

Most recently, they worked on a test for Covid-19 and with approvals in Japan and Brazil, the fast, accurate LumiraDx SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test is now available to patients in more than 40 nations worldwide.

Global reach

The Scottish manufacturing facility will serve UK markets and beyond, with up to 80% of the healthcare products manufactured by the firm for the export market. This includes the USA, Europe, and Japan as well as supplying point-of-care diagnostics to developing countries that struggle to provide broad testing access, due to limitations in laboratory infrastructure.

It’s no surprise that the convenience and benefits of this system is becoming increasingly recognised in medical care globally and the market for this system is predicted to reach an astonishing $36.6 billion by 2025.

“LumiraDx’s decision to expand in Scotland is testimony to the strength of what Scotland has to offer and we look forward to working with the company as it goes from strength to strength providing healthcare diagnostic solutions to communities around the world.”

Linda Hanna, interim Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise

Developing talent, health and wealth

This is not only an opportunity to develop research, it’s also an opportunity to develop careers. 40% of new jobs will be in R&D and 60% in high-tech manufacturing with many R&D roles being graduates or postgraduates and apprenticeships being considered for manufacturing.

As its products benefit global health, so this development will benefit local communities in Scotland. LumiraDx’s investment has the potential to transform local areas and bring hundreds of new jobs in areas of deprivation and high unemployment. To make the most of this opportunity, Skills Development Scotland will advise on recruitment, skills and training requirements.

Life sciences in Scotland

Scotland has attracted this global R&D and manufacturing project thanks to its vibrant life sciences sector. Hosting one of the biggest life sciences clusters in Europe, over 41,000 people work for more than 770 organisations, all of which contributes to the impressive £6.4 billion turnover per year.

More about LumiraDx services

If you are interested in becoming part of Scotland’s thriving life sciences community, just get in touch. We’re ready to help.

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