Brexit and Scotland's place in Europe

Scotland is among the most innovative UK locations for investment and trade. Europe, let’s keep working together to maintain our great partnership.

How will Brexit affect investment and trade with Scotland?

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, EU policy and regulation will continue to shape our future business environment. We’re actively engaged in European networks and continue to strengthen our relationships in EU markets, backed by partners, Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, our international networks and innovation hubs.

We’re open to sharing our learning and expertise to support policy and funding developments that will create opportunities for businesses, universities, colleges and communities across Scotland.

We’re also supporting Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies to help businesses, whether based in Scotland or setting up operations here, to actively develop and implement their own Brexit plans (via This means building resilience and supporting investment in people, technology and markets that will pay dividends longer term.

Open spaces to collaborate

We’ve established innovation and investment hubs in Dublin, London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris as part of wider work across government, partners and businesses to support trade, investment, innovation and inter-governmental relations with Europe. These hubs are the ideal platform for collaborative activity with Scottish industry and universities and investment opportunities in Scotland.

Each hub is different and tailored to the opportunities present in the market it’s located in. As well as promoting trade and inward investment, the hubs also cover broader economic opportunities, including:

  • Promoting Scotland's research, innovation, industrial, social and cultural strengths
  • Building diplomatic government-to-government relations
  • Pursuing cultural collaborations
  • Exploring collaborative research and innovation opportunities

The hubs complement our other offices across Europe and globally.

Our innovation and investment hubs in Europe

Scotland's supply chains are open for business

Computer games students, Abertay University

Data science

We do great things with data. Scotland is set to become the 'Data Capital of Europe' with an ambitious 10-year Data-Driven Innovation programme to meet the needs of businesses, both now and in the future. 

Photo: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

Food and drink

Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, foodservice operator, importer or an agent, if you're interested in buying the very best Scottish food and drink products, our international team is here to help you. 

Green energy

Scotland is Europe’s leading energy hub. Not only is Scotland home to Europe's largest tidal power project, it has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal resource. 

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