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Some of the largest BPOs in Europe are based in Scotland. There are over 90,000 people employed within 400 BPOs:  

Welcome to Scotland

Investing in Scotland offers:

  • Critical mass and expertise
  • High quality staff
  • One of Europe's lowest tax rates
  • SDI support 

Scotland's business services industry (PDF)

  • The sector has grown by 34,000 employees since 2003 
  • 1 in 25 of the employed population in Scotland's central belt work in the BPO industry

Scotland: The perfect BPO location 

Scotland can offer ambitious BPO companies a return on investment without a reduction in quality: 

  • Internationally recognised as a BPO location 
  • Critical mass and expertise 
  • Low risk option 
  • Support from Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International and our partners 
  • World class reference sites 
  • Proven model of language recruitment 
  • Ideal platform to serve European and US markets 
  • High quality staff at lower cost with lower staff turnover equals lower operating costs 
  • High quality property at lower cost  
  • One of the lowest tax rates in the European Union 
  • Excellent telecoms infrastructure 
  • Excellent Quality of life 

Are you ready to invest in Scotland's thriving BPO industry?

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