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This Life and Chemical Sciences Manufacturing Strategy has been jointly created by the industry leadership groups of each sector. It is a supplementary document to both sectors’ existing strategies: Scottish Life Sciences Strategy 2011, and Platform for Growth. A strategic plan for the Chemical Sciences in Scotland 2012, respectively. 

Life Sciences seeks to double its turnover to £6.3bn by 2020, while Chemical Sciences already has its target to increase exports by 50% by 2020 within its sights. 

The ambition of this combined sector-specific strategy is to substantially increase Scotland's manufacturing base over the period, and set out the steps as to how this might be achieved.

The action plan has been developed around five key areas: 

  • Leadership confidence and promoting manufacturing 
  • Research Commercialisation
  • Technology Development and Scaling
  • Supply Chains and Re-shoring
  • Investing in Scotland