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There are over 90,000 people employed within 400 customer contact centres in Scotland - and we're here to support companies investing in this thriving industry.

Scotland is home to some of the largest contact centres in Europe. Much of our growth and success can be directly attributed to a flexible, stable and motivated workforce with highly developed skills in a mature sector.

Making it big in Scotland

Top companies are already happy to call Scotland home, including:  

  • Amazon 
  • 3
  • Tesco
  • John Lewis
  • Vertex

Explore customer contact centres in Scotland (PDF)

Scotland's competitive advantage 

Scotland can offer ambitious contact centre companies a return on investment without a reduction in quality: 

  • Internationally recognised as a contact centre location 
  • Critical mass and expertise 
  • Low risk option 
  • World class reference sites 
  • Proven model of language recruitment 
  • Ideal platform to serve European and US markets 
  • High quality staff at lower cost which means lower staff turnover and lower operating costs 
  • High quality property at lower cost 
  • One of the lowest tax rates in the European Union 
  • Excellent telecoms infrastructure 
  • Excellent quality of life 

Are you ready to invest in Scotland and enjoy all the benefits of our growing customer contact centre industry?

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