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Focused on fintech and ready to grow outside of London? How about Scotland? Your business could benefit from being in the largest and most complete UK financial hub outside the capital.

London fintech. Scotland. The perfect blend

Your London fintech company can take advantage of significantly lower operating costs, coupled with high quality, skilled staff. Scotland is also the UK’s most attractive place to invest in after London. 

Why expand elsewhere?  

Scotland is home to some of the world’s greatest financial services companies; many are managing large and innovative technology functions from Scotland

Business property rental costs are almost 50% less in Scotland’s two main cities than in London. The cost of living is also lower.


Expand into Scotland and your fintech business will benefit from up to 50% less business property rental costs compared with London. And the savings don’t stop there: Living costs are considerably lower in Scotland than in London, enabling staff to benefit from a higher disposable income on a competitive wage.

Scotland produces over 15,000 tech graduates each year

A large and highly-skilled talent pool is the backbone of all fintechs companies. Your London fintech business can take advantage of Scotland’s wealth of tech talent: over 15,000 tech graduates come from some of Scotland’s 19 universities annually – together with its nucleus of over 20 colleges. Many Scottish universities, including Glasgow, Strathclyde, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Napier University, work closely with the financial services sector.

Edinburgh University provides essential technology skills training through its School of Informatics, the largest in Europe. As well as graduates, Scotland has a large pool of experienced fintech professionals, many gaining their ‘tech’ experience in large multi-national companies based in Scotland.

By expanding into Scotland, you are joining a highly-successful fintech ecosystem

Scotland can offer your business access to a dynamic and innovative fintech community, with collaboration and active partnership between industry and academia to promote innovation and develop capabilities.

Your London fintech business can thrive in Scotland. And Scottish Development International (SDI) can help.

SDI is here to help your London fintech grow and succeed by expanding into Scotland. You can benefit from a range of grants and support, including:

• Regional selective assistance

• Training grants

• Property support

• Innovation, research and development

• Specialist innovation support

• Aftercare support and account management

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