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Tech map of Scotland
Click on our infographic to find out more about why Scotland is a great location for Californian tech companies
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From our skilled tech workforce and competitive costs to our strong tech cluster and global connections, Scotland provides an ideal base to grow your business and access new market opportunities.

Check out our infographic to see some of the reasons why Californian companies have invested here - and why you should join them.

Scotland’s a great place to do business, but don’t just take our word for it. Find out why Californian investors think Scotland is the right location for them.


“In terms of character, work ethic and passion for what they do, we have found the people that we have been able to attract in Scotland to be absolutely world-class.” - Peter Platzer, CEO of Spire


“There's a vibrant ecosystem of laser and optoelectronics companies in Scotland...I think our mix of technical skills, combined with the entrepreneurial flare we get from Silicon Valley, gives us the best of both worlds.” – Chris Dorman, vice president, Coherent Scotland

Why Coherent chose Scotland


“Scotland has a long history of invention and innovation, and it is a privilege to be able to help architect the communication platforms of the future.” – Dr Colin Carruthers, director of Xilinx Scotland

Why Xilinx chose Scotland


The University of Edinburgh is an attractive partner for Intel due to the international excellence in its research capabilities, its staff and strong connections with other institutions such as the Alan Turing Institute.” - Rod O’Shea, Intel Europe, Middle East and Africa sales and marketing director

Why Intel chose Scotland

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