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Insights into the global challenges and opportunities in personalised medicine.

Our report examines the future of stratified medicine and how Scotland's life sciences strengths are well positioned to address the challenges and opportunities ahead in global health. 

This new approach to delivering healthcare can be seen as a step on the road to delivering fully personalised medicines encompassing biomarkers derived from all “omics” technologies (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics) and increasingly other analytical technologies such as imaging.

Successfully deployed stratified medicine approaches serve to increase margins for pharmaceutical companies, markedly reducing cost and speeding drug development. 

Stratified medicine can also generate significant savings for healthcare providers and most importantly deliver better clinical outcomes to the patient.

Scotland has key strengths in its competitive cluster of pharma CROs, its vibrant group of in vitro diagnostic and imaging companies and its internationally competitive clinical translational research base. These assets serve Scotland well to address existing industry needs and become a major player in stratified medicine.

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