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If you are looking at internationalisation to drive growth, what marks Scotland out as a uniquely competitive partner in life sciences? 

Life sciences in Scotland

Scotland has a long and remarkable history of medical and scientific discovery, stretching back 200 years. Today, there’s more medical research per head done here than anywhere else in Europe. And it’s research regarded as amongst the top three for impact. But being smart is one thing, being good at turning discoveries into commercial reality is another.

“What we do well is we collaborate well.”

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Hear how the health service, academia and business works closely together in Scotland.
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Scotland has a unique approach. We call it collaborative innovation. And it means that new ideas and research can be translated into successful businesses quickly and efficiently.

The process is smoother, maximising creativity, talent and technical resources in a tighter team with shorter decision-making processes.

Underlying this is a range of collaborative initiatives to bring together our single healthcare provider, the NHS, as well as academic researchers and industry partners. Together, they focus on how we maximise effective collaboration to advance innovation. 

Close partners 

Through NHS Research Scotland, there’s coordinated access to clinical investigators and patients through a single point of contact. The Health Innovation Partnership fosters partnership between life sciences in Scotland and NHS Scotland, helping the latter work with the sector to improve the use of innovative healthcare solutions using modern technologies. 

We can bring together a combination of industry, academia and government organisations to help create industry innovation that we can take to the global market.

Dr Ken Sutherland President Toshiba Medical Edinburgh

Other places where you will see our approach at work are our Innovation Centres focusing on stratified medicine, digital health, and industrial biotechnology, amongst other things. The Edinburgh BioQuarter brings together public healthcare, academic researchers and extensive commercial lab space in one integrated location. In the words of Professor Dave Newby, Director of R&D at NHS Lothisn, "A close-knit community with all the state-of-the-art infrastructure, all on one site."

Easy access, full support

We’re here to help life sciences companies make the most of what Scotland can offer. Our connections, support, advice and introductions will make investing, collaborating or re-locating to Scotland run smoothly. And with 42 offices in 20 countries, hopefully that first meeting can happen close to you. 

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