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Conditions such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), respiratory distress and birth injuries have challenged healthcare communities to develop effective digital health monitoring solutions for infants.

To support infant health, a more efficient way of real-time data tracking infants (0-3 years of age) to identify complex medical conditions and develop clinical solutions is needed.

In light of these challenges, we commissioned global research consultants Frost & Sullivan to produce a report on how Scotland supports innovative healthcare solutions to reduce infant mortality and newborn illness.

Why choose Scotland?

  • Digital health innovation - Scotland is a front-runner in advanced digital health technologies, developing many innovative products around healthcare informatics and remote monitoring solutions
  • Expertise in big data, population health management, life sciences and health analytics - our capabilities make Scotland the ideal partner for meeting the latest technology demands
  • Scottish research and development excellence - Scotland is a hotspot for research initiatives on newborn digital health and carrying out safe clinical trials for developing infant and child care solutions
  • Strategic partnership opportunities - Scottish health organisations work together to offer an integrated approach for managing healthcare data securely and getting clinical insights with collaborative analytics
  • A unified system for managing infant health data - the Redbook (personal child health record) is a best practice example of how to effectively document newborn medical information

An electronic version called the eRedbook, which uses Microsoft HealthVault to store a child’s health information from various sources and shares the information with trusted healthcare providers across enterprises, has recently been launched.

Through the eRedbook portal, Scotland has established an integrated platform for infant health monitoring. Every parent is granted portal access on or just after the birth of their child. A unique identifier is assigned to every child who is registered with the eRedbook portal for efficient tracking and follow-ups. The eRedbook is rolled out across the UK through the NHS.

The portal contains health data for millions of newborns and infants, which can be used for medical research, remote monitoring and clinical trial purposes. Such a large amount of health data processed in a meaningful way can help address the unknown conditions causing SIDS and SUID in newborns.

Health informatics companies in Scotland include:

Access to digital health support

Scottish organisations offering support for digital health projects include:

If you want to develop innovative digital infant care solutions in the world’s most integrated healthcare system, Scotland is the ideal location.

We can partner with you to help you identify business opportunities, infrastructure support and financial assistance.

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