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Meet the producers of the best Scottish seafood at the Scotland Pavilion in Hall 9 at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels this year, 26 - 28 April 2016.

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Source salmon farmed in cold, clear waters, reared in the strong tidal flows around Shetland and Orkney. Find the company that will ship you fresh langoustine, lobster and shellfish. Taste traditionally-smoked mackerel, herring, and salmon – and watch one of the daily cooking demonstrations to see how to bring out the flavours of Scotland’s finest seafood.    

You’ll find 16 of Scotland’s best seafood companies at the Scotland Pavilion in Hall 9 at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, 26 - 28 April 2016. Each business is ready to forge new relationships with buyers around the globe. Fresh or frozen, whole or hand-filleted – you’ll meet the people who are taking Scotland’s produce to the world.     

Find out more about Scottish seafood

Find out more about Scottish salmon

Associated Seafoods

Associated Seafoods is a leading producer of the finest quality Scottish smoked salmon. The company’s master smokers use time-honoured curing and smoking techniques passed from one generation to the next.

The company exports to 25 countries worldwide, and you’ll find the Pride of Scotland Scottish smoked salmon on the menus of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants.

Caley Fisheries

Producers and suppliers of the finest Scottish Seafoods since 1936. The company has close ties with the catching sector, a vast knowledge of processing, and a state of the art factory. It adheres to the Responsible Fishing Scheme and is MSC accredited.

Cooke Aquaculture

With salmon farms in the clean, clear waters around Shetland and Orkney, Cooke Aquaculture supplies some of the highest quality salmon in the industry. The strong tidal flow in the farms gives the fish plenty of exercise, resulting in strong and health stock. Look out for Organic and Label Rouge salmon – with complete traceability from egg to plate.

Dawnfresh Seafoods

Dawnfresh Seafoods is the largest supplier of fresh, frozen and smoked trout in the United Kingdom. Dawnfresh has an extensive portfolio of brands, including RR. Spink & Sons, fishmongers to HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Today the range includes fresh added value products as well as hot and cold smoked packs for retail and food service.

Highland Smoked Salmon

A privately owned specialist smokehouse, Highland Smoked Salmon sits at the foot of Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands. The product portfolio includes raw salmon fillets and portions, traditional smoked salmon, gravadlax, hot smoked salmon and flagship brand, Inverlochy Vintage. The factory has consistently retained BRC Accreditation at ‘A’ grade since 2004 making the company a market leader in the traditional, ancient craft of smoking salmon.

International Fish Canners

IFC is a family owned business dating back four generations to the early 1900’s and is now the sole remaining fish canning plant in the UK. The brisling sardines come from icy cold Scottish lochs, and they’re ranked number 1 by value in North America, considered by epicures as the best sardine product in the category.

JK Thomson

A family business with extremely high standards, JK Thomson fillet, smoke and freeze all fish at their A-grade factory outside Edinburgh.  

The company only sources fish from sustainable fisheries, and has loyal customers around the world.

Loch Duart

The salmon from Loch Duart Ltd is as close in texture and taste to wild salmon as you can get by farming. With sustainability and environmental responsibility at its core, the company’s approach to salmon farming follows natural processes as far as possible. Low density rearing. Minimal intervention. Respect for the environment. The result is Scottish salmon of outstanding quality – which is why 65% of its production is exported to 14 countries.

Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne started with one inspirational idea: to grow oysters in the clear, fertile waters of Loch Fyne. Over the years the company has developed into a cluster of businesses whose success is built on an honest approach to superb quality food. Committed to sustainable business practices, Loch Fyne’s guiding principle is one of respect for the animal and its habitat.

Lunar Freezing and Cold Storage Company

Based in Peterhead, Europe’s premier fishing port, Lunar is in a commanding position to supply herring, mackerel, whitefish and salmon products to the world. Hand-filleting and fast freezing make sure the quality remains high – and Lunar’s fleet of trucks transport its finished products throughout Europe.

Nor-Sea Foods

Nor-Sea foods smokes oil rich fish, primarily mackerel and herring, at its base in Fraserburgh. The company is strict about seasonality: mackerel caught during the winter are in peak condition and have the best fat content for smoking. Kippers are different: produced from herring that are caught in a very short window during the summer months when quality is optimal for smoking. They are either traditionally split whole or butterfly filleted before being cold smoked.

Scotprime Seafoods

Based on the west coast of Scotland, Scotprime Seafoods produce the finest quality shellfish in Scotland. Langoustine, lobsters, king and queen scallops are on the menu every day – as well as specialist monkfish, squid, skate, and frozen prawns.

Scottish Seafarms

Focused on health, welfare and sustainability, Scottish Sea Farms have locations all along the west coast of Scotland and throughout Orkney and Shetland. The company produces exceptional nutritious salmon, and often exceeds environmental best practice.

St James Smokehouse

St. James Smokehouse is a traditional family-owned company that produces premium quality salmon fillets and multi award-winning Scottish smoked salmon. The salmon is cured with an all natural blend of sea salt and demerara sugar, before being oak-wood smoked to perfection.

The company was Scotland Food & Drink ‘Export Business of the Year’ and ‘Business of the Year’. Other awards include gold medals from the UK Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards, three gold medals at the Monde Selection, International Institute for Quality Selections, and ‘Best Retail Product’ at the Boston Seafood Show.

The Scottish Salmon Company

Producing Scotland’s finest sea loch fresh salmon with pride and passion, SSC is involved in all stages of the salmon chain from smolt to sea lochs and from processing to packaging and point of sale. The company is committed to sustainable rural communities, and was recognised as Scotland’s Finest Food Business and Scotland’s Finest Exporter.

Whitelink Seafoods

Family-owned and accredited BRC (grade A), Sopa (organic) and MSC, Whitelink produces various species of fish and shellfish from the cold waters of the North Sea. Aiming to give clients local service, the company has sales offices and despatch centres in Scotland, France, Germany and Spain.

Find out more about Scottish seafood

Find out more about Scottish salmon