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Piramal PharmaSolutions

India-based, multinational Piramal PharmaSolutions will use their new Grangemouth manufacturing suite to make Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for a number of biotech and pharma clients globally.

“Piramal PharmaSolutions first came to Scotland in 2005, attracted by the skills and specific expertise of the people working here that could not easily be replicated elsewhere at the time.” said Vivek Sharma, CEO Piramal PharmaSolutions. “We were confident the customer base could be grown, and were willing to invest in growing it. Recent successes have demonstrated that this was the right decision.”

Prime position

Piramal PharmaSolutions is now into its fifth year of production on the first ever commercial ADC in the market and is using this landmark to look ahead five years to cement its position as a leader in manufacturing of ADCs.

In the words of Vivek, “We have been in the ADC market for over ten years, and it is an expertise we have built both organically and inorganically. We see the next five years as an exciting time for the ADC market and it will possibly have a sizeable contribution in the total Biological CMO market.”

ADC cluster strengths

The 2015 launch of the industry-led Life and Chemical Sciences Manufacturing Strategy underlined Scotland’s potential as a globally-competitive base for high value life sciences manufacturing like Piramal PharmaSolutions.

Now a key element of the antibody drug conjugate (ADC) hub in Scotland, Piramal PharmaSolutions’ further expansion is testament to Scotland’s attractive drug development value chain across preclinical CRO, manufacture, formulation, clinical trial environment. 

Companies like Piramal PharmaSolutions and Bio-Outsource make up just a small part of the many interconnected segments of Scotland’s pharma services sector, with over 160 companies, a rigorous quality-controlled environment, supportive clinical trials and high-quality innovative manufacture.

Supportive from the beginning

We have supported Piramal PharmaSolutions over a number of years as an investor in Scotland, with manufacturing advisory and international trade support through our Indian offices, in addition to grant aid. More recently, besides the support received in connection with the new suite, our low carbon team are working to reduce the carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency at the site. 

Location, location, location…

Scotland is home to 613 life sciences organisations, employing around 33,000 people. 

Our company base includes around:

  • 250 medical technology companies (with another 100 involved in their value chain)
  • 160 pharma services companies
  • 4 of the world's top 10 CROs (PPD, Bioreliance, Charles River, Quintiles]
  • Over 30 companies working on stem cells and regenerative medicine

Thanks to our compact geography, Scotland is highly inter-connected with both Europe and the wider world and our outstanding logistics, cold chain and packaging capability enables the time-critical shipment of cells and biological products into and out of the country.

Plus, we have Health Innovation Partnerships that facilitate collaboration between industry, academia and clinicians to develop products for future healthcare needs. 

Your project, our support

We’re here to provide the information, advice, support and connections you need to make your project as successful as Piramal PharmaSolutions has been. Please get in touch if you are ready to work with Scotland's Life Sciences sector or want to know more.

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