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Home to the world's first operational tidal array and the world's most powerful tidal turbine, Scotland leads the way in ocean energy.

Atlantis Meygen marine energy device in Scotland

12,000 kilometres of coastline have helped shape Scotland's relationship with the sea.

Today that relationship has helped establish Scotland at the forefront of the global marine energy industry.

We've got abundant natural resources:

  • Second most powerful tidal resource in the world
  • 4GW of exploitable tidal resource
  • 11GW of exploitable wave resource

We've also got the talent and skills required to turn those resources into a competitive and reliable source of energy.

Those resources and skills make Scotland the natural location for pioneering marine energy projects.

That's why we're home to the MeyGen project - the world's first large scale tidal stream farm.

The first of four turbines has been completed at Nigg Energy Park with project owner Atlantis Resources hopeful that as many as 269 turbines could eventually be installed. In November 2016 the MeyGen project delivered its first power to the grid - a world first for a large scale tidal array.

Tim Cornelius, chief executive of Atalantis Resources, said:

"This is an industry that is creating jobs and Scotland is the undisputed world leader of this high growth sector."

And we're here to help.

We provided funding for the MeyGen project through Scotland's Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF) - a fund designed to promote the use of energy from renewable sources and to encourage investment in Scotland's renewables industry.

So investing in Scotland's ocean energy sector doesn't just mean accessing talent and skills.

We can help you identify funding, build connections with partners and customers and find the right location for your marine energy project to thrive.

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A world first for Scotland

In 2016 Nova Innovation deployed the world's first fully operational array of offshore tidal stations off the north of Shetland.

Nova has successfully connected the devices to Shetland's local grid - sending electricity to the grid on a commercial basis.

Most existing tidal schemes use single power plants while Nova's system will eventually include a chain of five turbines.

Nova Innovation said the two turbines installed so far were operating at 40% of their installed capacity.

The company hopes its turbines, which were cofunded by the Belgian renewables company ELSA, will be sold worldwide now they have been commercially proven.

Supporting marine energy in Scotland

Harnessing the power of our oceans requires new technology and innovations.

Companies working to develop wave and tidal energy in Scotland can benefit from the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney - the first and only marine energy test facility of its kind.

Developers can make use of EMEC's 14 full scale, grid connected test berths.

You'll also have access to the research being carried out by our universities, with Scotland's Energy Technology Partnership helping to forge close links between industry and academia.

And, of course, Scotland is home to Europe's oil and gas capital.

Decades of experience in that industry has given us expertise in dealing with complicated offshore technical challenges.

Home to the world's most powerful tidal turbine

Scotrenewables marine energy device in Scotland

Scotrenewables is set begin testing the SR2000 at the EMEC test site in Orkney.

The world's most powerful tidal turbine, the SR2000 can generate 2MW of power - enough energy for around 1000 homes over the course of the year.

Andrew Scott, CEO of Scotrenewables, said:

"It's obviously a critical phase in the project but we’re looking forward to the test programme and providing clear evidence of the significant advantages our technology can bring to the sector whilst offering a step reduction in costs."

As the marine energy sector gradually matures projects like the SR2000 will help establish the sector as a sustainable, reliable and predictable energy source.

Join Scotland's marine energy revolution

We're right to be proud of the natural resources that give us such a competitive advantage in wave and tidal energy.

But turning those resources into a sustainable and competitive source of energy takes dedication and ingenuity.

Our companies, researchers and engineers are turning marine energy into a reality in Scotland and beyond.

Invest in Scotland's marine energy industry and you'll be joining a vibrant and growing industry - and we'll support you every step of the way.

We'll help you build the connections you need for your project to thrive.

And we'll identify the funding, locations and partners to help your investment in Scotland thrive.

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