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Sporting foundations

It takes a sporting nation to know how to put on a real sporting show. And Scotland is certainly that. The country that gave golf and the finer points of football to the world, and has produced stars ranging from the Wimbledon tennis champion to the UK’s greatest football manager is right at home with top-level competitive events.

So, it’s not surprising that going back to the 1960’s, places like Glasgow were chosen to stage the European Football Cup Final, for example. That tradition continued into more recent years with the UEFA Champion’s League and UEFA Cup (now Europa League) finals coming to the same city.

More than football

If football (and golf, for that matter) seems a perfect fit with Scotland, the list doesn’t stop there.

Our experience of big international sporting clashes deepens every year with the Six Nations Rugby Championships, for instance.

Rugby League has also crossed the border for major events, mountain bikers have flocked from across the world for regular world championship rounds. Add rugby World Cup games, Olympic football, World Cup gymnastics, World Swimming Championships, athletics Gold Cups and you have a long and lengthening list.

Of course, any discussion of Scotland’s prowess at hosting sports events has to mention golf. Born here, turned professional here, refined and governed here, and now a £220 million market, creating £1.71 billion for the wider economy.

In 2014, the Ryder Cup is in Scotland for only the second time, in contrast to the struggle for the Open Championship’s iconic claret jug which happens bi-annually here.

Winning off the field

Off the fairways, Scotland’s other sporting facilities are far from rough.
Aquatics centres, velodromes, UEFA 5-star stadia, indoor arenas, athletics tracks and training facilities have all benefitted from recent investment. Nothing is lacking.
And, of course, sport in Scotland is never far from the natural beauty, history and tradition that makes every visit here so memorable.

Highly-skilled, well-connected

Clearly, even the best sporting facilities are nothing without people, and as the recent success of the Commonwealth Games proved, Scotland has people with the skills, passion and enthusiasm to make things happen to the highest standard. Thirty of our companies supplied and supported the London Olympic Games, for example. And many more helped deliver the recent Commonwealth Games.

Add to that our multiple international air links, ample quality hotel accommodation, modern and efficient transport infrastructure, sophisticated media technologies, and negotiated tax concessions for sports stars, and you have a truly all-round sports package.

Serious competitors

Scotland is serious about attracting international sports events, and if you do engage with us, you’ll find a team that will work with you to make it happen as efficiently as possible. We will ease the way by working in partnership with all the bodies that can take an event from the drawing board to a stadium full of screaming fans. 

Learn more about our booming tourism industry and find out how we can help make your event happen. 

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