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Our benchmark reports show you why Scotland could be the place for you.

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Let’s face it. California is expensive for software development.

There are other options out there, especially if you are looking to expand outside of the United States.

When you’re trying to decide where to locate your business, it can be hard to sort through all of the data available in order to make the right choice - but our benchmark reports can help. 

Using the Financial Times’ ‘fDi Benchmark’ tool,  we can create easy-to-understand reports that provide qualitative and cost comparison information for locations across the world.

For example, a report comparing the Scottish Central Belt to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose found that:

  • The Scottish Central Belt ranks first based on a cost to quality ratio
  • The Scottish Central Belt is the most cost effective region to set up in, with costs that are up to 57% lower than California
  • Scotland comes out on top when it comes to: 
    • Flexibility of labour regulations
    • Regulatory environment
    • Industry specialisation
    • Taxation and incentives
    • Size of industry
    • Infrastructure and accessibility

The chart below, which taken from the report, measures the attractiveness of the locations based on the annual overall performance in operating cost and quality of a 100 person software development center, with cost and quality each having 50% importance.

Attractiveness Index Chart for Scotland vs California

Download a sample of the California/Scottish Central Belt benchmarking report (PowerPoint, 617kB)

The full report (which can be up to 45 pages depending on your project) provides detailed comparison data convering:

  • Labour availability and quality
  • Industry cluster
  • Infrastructure and accessibility
  • General business environment
  • Living environment
  • Labour costs
  • Property costs

How can fDi reports help?

An fDi report can help you to:

  • Shortlist potential business locations
  • Save time and resources by quickly assessing reliable, unbiased information on locations
  • Carry out comprehensive site assessments – compare more than 600 locations globally across over 700 quality and cost data points
  • Analyse a location’s trends at country, regional or city level

Looking for your own benchmark report?

We can provide you with a bespoke report with detailed information related to your project.

Get a benchmarking report tailored to your business