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Orion Health is a leading population health management company and one of the world’s leading providers of electronic health records and healthcare integration solutions to healthcare organisations.

Their work in Scotland began with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, who have led the way in Scotland with a clinical portal project.

The portal gives doctors and nurses easy access to vital information for a patient’s care and treatment from a range of existing systems that were previously unconnected.

It is helping to reduce the need for duplicate tests, helps avoid repeat appointments, supports more informed decision making during an episode of care and can help avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital. The system is also supporting safe, integrated care, as information is available across care settings, but only to those who have the appropriate level of access.

Orion Health will look to spread use of the portal across Scotland, as well as explore the use of further innovations such as its care record that patients can access, and population health management solutions that can help identify individuals who are higher risk and provide supporting tools to help manage and co-ordinate care for those with chronic disease.

Why Scotland?

“Scotland has put a high value on using technology to meet its health and care ambitions, and has considerable expertise to help realise this vision,” said Colin Henderson, managing director, UK & Ireland, Orion Health.

“Many health economies across the globe are interested in the progressive eHealth activity taking place in Scotland. Scotland has led the way for other health organisations, many of whom have now adopted a similar approach. A Scottish base will help us deliver solutions that closely meet the needs of its pioneering health boards, as well as recruit from Scotland's considerable body of expertise.”

Orion Health, which has doubled its service staff in the UK in the last year, is keen to work with the highly talented healthcare technology professionals and advocates in Scotland. They have found that Scotland is a strong recruitment base for the skills they need, which tend to be IT specialists with a healthcare passion.

“We see this new office as one more step in allowing us to contribute to the vision of efficient, person-centred care across the country, as well as help improve the health of the entire population. Further, the experience we have in Scotland can solve healthcare issues that are challenges across the globe. These services can be applied to problems not just in Scotland, but further afield, and internationally,” said Henderson.

How we helped

We’re supporting Orion Health through the recruitment process, as well as helping them make links to academia and other relevant networks and interest groups.

Anne MacColl, chief executive, Scottish Development International, said: “Orion Health’s decision to invest in Scotland is further evidence of our growing reputation as the ideal partner of choice in the digital health and care industry.

“We have worked closely with the company to support this move by facilitating key introductions and we look forward to continuing to assist Orion Health in driving forward its ambitious growth plans.”

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