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A survey of key industry figures has confirmed Scotland's standing as a leading centre for the international oil and gas sector.

Scotland's global reputation for excellence in oil & gas

80% of senior global industry figures recognise Scotland's key role in the international oil and gas industry.

Top ten reasons to choose Scotland's oil and gas industry
10 reasons to choose Scotland's oil & gas industry
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Our latest international research also found that 74% recognise Scotland's position as an important training ground for the global industry.

We spoke to more than 260 senior figures in the industry, representing businesses that employ around 2.2 million people in oil and gas markets around the world.

And our research confirms that Scotland's oil and gas expertise remains in demand: 55% of respondents say their relationship with Scottish firms is growing with a further 27% seeing scope for existing relationships to grow in the future.

Our people are highly rated too, with 71% of our respondents agreeing that Scottish employees are some of the most dependable in the global industry.

Scotland and the United States

Responses from senior industry figures in the United States also highlighted Scotland's oil and gas strengths:

Essential to growth

The opportunity is for Scotland to build further on the strengths we know we have when it comes to career development and progression, and use them to tap into more opportunities for both our people and our oil & gas supply chain at a global level.  For the US market in particular this is evidenced by the fact that 90% of respondents agreed that Scottish expertise is essential to help their business grow.

Shannon Norstrud, senior executive at Scottish Development International

  • 88% prefer to work with Scottish partners or suppliers
  • 82% prefer to work with people with experience of working in Scotland
  • 91% agree that Scottish employees are some of the most experienced and dependable in the sector

Almost three quarters of US respondents identified the supply of skilled employees as a major challenge for the future, reinforcing Scotland's importance as a provider or world-leading training for oil and gas.

At the heart Europe's oil and gas industry

Responses from senior industry figures based in the European Union included:

  • 72% cited the importance of Scottish employees in day to day operations
  • 78% identified Scottish employees as some of the most experienced and dependable in the industry

Respondents also mentioned current challenges in the industry, including current market turbulence, the supply of qualified personnel and the provision of specialist training.

Scotland would, however, seem well placed to help the industry meet these challenges with European respondents recognising Scotland as a source of strong leadership and of a quality workforce.

Make the most of our expertise

Scotland's oil and gas sector can help your company meet the challenges facing the global industry wherever you are based.

Whether you're interested in joining the major international companies that have invested in Scotland or if you want to make the most of our expertise and skills by working with Scottish partners or suppliers, we can help.

We've got expert staff around the world who can help you find the right contacts and support to start doing business with Scotland:

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