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Global companies in Scotland include:

  • Shell Finance Operations Ltd
  • Capgemini
  • Eaton
  • Ceridian
  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • Concentrix
  • Ashurst
  • NewGalexy
  • Sykes
  • Capita

By establishing a reputation as a location for successful investment and industry growth, Scotland has positioned itself as a global hub for contact centres and shared services operations.

In fact, the benefits of doing business here have attracted global companies to Scotland, with Royal Dutch Shell, Eaton, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Dell, Ceridian, Sykes and CGI among the big names with operations across the country.

Competitive salary costs

Scotland's workforce is well educated, stable and more affordable than many other regions in the UK and across Europe.

We've got the highest concentration of universities in Europe with four of our 17 universities regularly featuring highly in global league tables.

That means Scotland produces thousands of graduates each year across a range of disciplines - the perfect workforce for your organisation.

Indeed six Scottish cities and regions feature in the top 20 locations in Europe for labour availability and quality.

And all this valuable resource within our country is still delivered at a competitive cost.

Our growing hubs in Dundee and Inverness offer some of the lowest labour costs outside Eastern Europe while Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and our central belt region offer between 25-40% more competitive costs than other established global hubs like Amsterdam, Dublin and London. (Source: Financial Times, FDI Benchmark Tool 2015)

Employee catchment is firmly customer centric with high customer engagement (NPI) scores of +45. Individuals bring a genuine willingness to learn and proactively drive for continuous improvement across both our service and product offering, with over £1m cost savings and £2m of revenue generation per annum.

Andrew Bailey, BT Group

Scotland's indirect social wage costs such as employer national insurance are also among the lowest in Europe while our labour market regulations are the most flexible in Europe.

High quality infrastructure

Companies investing in Scotland benefit from a modern and established infrastructure that makes doing business here even easier.

Local transport links offer quick commute times increasing access to our talented workforce with 1.7 million of the population accessible within a 1 hour commute to some of our cities.

There are several international airports in Scotland with direct global routes and easy access to London (1 hour flight). So, Scotland is the ideal location to reach global markets whilst servicing your global customers.

Our telecommunications network offers high bandwidth networks, including fibre broadband, at competitive prices. All of Scotland's major cities are ranked in the Europe's top ten most competitive cities for telecoms costs.

Range of property options

Setting up your company in Scotland couldn't be easier. We'll be on hand to help and you'll benefit from some of the most competitive property costs in Europe, whether it be Grade A office space to new build facilities.

From the Border region in the south to Inverness in the Highlands, global companies are already benefiting from some of the most competitive location prices across the country.

Indeed Dundee, home to two of our 17 universities, offers some of the lowest property prices in Europe and up to 90% lower that major cities such as London. (Source: Financial Times, FDI Benchmark Tool 2015).

Inverness, where Capgemini's growing presence includes a global centre of excellence in advanced IT, boasts cheaper property prices than cities across the UK including Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

Helping you invest in Scotland

We're here to help you make the most of your investment in Scotland. And we've got a range of services available to help make your operations here even more profitable.

Scotland offers a business friendly environment that includes a competitive rate of corporation tax and a number of schemes to support your investment here.

Regional Selective Assistance can help your company create or safeguard jobs in Scotland while Training Grants can help your company make the most of our highly skilled workforce.

Of course, the right location is not just predicated on cost alone. Quality plays an important role and Scotland is well placed to support your organisation.

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We're already home to some of the biggest names in the industry, all of them attracted by Scotland's qualities and our competitive costs.

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