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SDI has a proven track record of helping companies succeed in business in Scotland. We’ve got a world-class reputation in games and software development, data and IT investment.

We can also assist you with advice on the low business tax rates, grants available, graduate numbers, locations and a plethora of other ways Scotland will make your company welcome.

Scotland’s functional strengths can be identified as follows:

  • Access to a highly educated, skilled and loyal workforce
  • Strong culture of research, innovation and creativity
  • Easy connections to global markets
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Low tax rates
  • Good work/life balance

Game Developers' Conference

The Game Developers' Conference (GDC) is the major annual gathering of the games industry and associated businesses and organisations.

In 2016, SDI will once again be attending the show, alongside a range of exciting Scottish companies.

Meet dynamic Scottish companies, find new partners and discover innovative solutions at Scottish Development International's stand (South Hall, Booth 1238).

 A Fox Wot I Drew

A fox Wot I Drew

A Fox Wot I Drew combine a passion for creative interactive media with a deep and varied skill set. Since forming in 2014 they have created exciting and polished products for a variety of clients, as well as preparing their first original title – Baum – for international release on iOS in 2016.

Their talented, multi-faceted team is always looking for interesting opportunities, whether contributing towards a larger project or creating a bespoke product for a client.

Abertay University

Abertay University

Abertay University is home to both the world’s first computer games degree courses and the UK’s first centre of excellence for computer games. 

Maintaining its status as one of the best universities at which to study games design (as recognised by The Princeton Review 2015), Abertay offers a range of Skillset accredited undergraduate courses in games technology, art and management. Postgraduate opportunities include a Master’s in Games Development (MProf), plus various PhD research options.

Abertay is situated in Dundee, which hosts over 20,000 students, helping to make it Scotland’s most student-friendly city.

BigMouth Audio

Bigmouth Audio

A boutique audio post-production house, Bigmouth Audio specialises in sound for animation, digital creations and children’s media.

As activists in the animation audio revolution, they support the world’s motion graphics maestros and preschool Picassos; and stand shoulder to shoulder with the troops of Toon Boom and the mavericks of Maya.

Offering their global client base voice casting and international voice localisation (into any language), Bigmouth Audio provides a standout sound design service, while their abilities to write tunes and put together scores have been MAS Award-nominated.

Blazing Griffin

Blazing Griffin

Blazing Griffin is an independent Scottish digital entertainment company.

Founded in 2011, the business has grown from a games development studio with a team of three, to a group of companies offering studios for games development, film production and television post-production. Its 25 staff are sited in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The group works together across the same projects from different angles, as well as on productions and with clients unique to each company’s specialism. As the firm continues to expand, its focus on cross-platform storytelling and technology will grow and improve.



Based in Edinburgh, Codeplay’s highly experienced software engineers continue to evolve ComputeSuite, a toolbox providing standards libraries, compilers and tools for advanced heterogeneous systems. 

At the solution’s heart is ComputeAorta, a runtime bringing Khronos open standards to application developers, such as OpenCL and the newly released Vulkan: an open standard API for high-efficiency access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs.

Codeplay’s team are ready to review your implementation needs, including GPU compilers and debuggers, plus all the standards like Vulkan, SYCL and any special requirements for high-performance solutions.

Dave Sapien

Dave Sapien

A games and creative apps producer, Dave Sapien’s studio creations exemplify a passion for exploration, expression and the truly original.

Sophisticated paint simulation technology and expertise lies at the centre of the studio’s set-up, which offers realistic, unprecedented painting experiences in all of its work.

Upcoming game Project Moon (working title) brings together almost a decade of R&D and design knowledge that’s growing the understanding of what games can be, for all concerned. The studio is currently looking for publishers and platform owners to join its journey.



An international indie studio created in spring of 2014, DeuXality is focused on mobile development and games, as well as AR and VR experiences.

Their team is small but its skill set is large, with earlier roles producing a nomination for a BAFTA (Dare2bDigital) and victory in a coding competition (Windows Rapid2D). Previous game releases have included Soul Unity, with plenty more in the pipeline.


Digital Sports Arena

Digital Sports Arena (DSA) is a new games design studio based in Dundee, Scotland, with a core team that extends to the US. 

Its focus is on the creation of groundbreaking, free-to-play sports management simulations for the latest mobile platforms. Their games’ online competitive multiplayer mode and community-based ecosystem lead to exciting opportunities in e-sports, as well as the conventional gaming market.

Founded by an experienced BAFTA-award winning team of video games executives, DSA possesses a proven track record in the delivery of multimillion-selling sports game franchises.

dovetail games

Dovetail Games

With offices in Scotland and England, Dovetail Games produce highly realistic entertainment simulators for the committed hobbyist.

Dovetail is the developer behind the leading Train Simulator series of PC products and also distributes Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition on their behalf. The company is currently completing new, up-to-date versions of these simulators.

In November 2015 their Euro Fishing production was launched, based on Epic’s Unreal4 technology; console versions of Dovetail’s creations are now in development, with one eye also on the virtual reality market.


Edge Testing

Edge is a leading independent software-testing provider based in Bellshill, Scotland. 

Their Digital Test Hub solution focuses on sectors including entertainment (games, gambling and IoT), telecommunications and media. They understand the challenges that surround testing, but their experience with big market players, and broad range of services, set them apart from competitors.
Offering both onsite and offsite capabilities covering management, execution and consultancy, Edge’s skilful, trained testers use best practice in functional, technical, compliance and device-testing to ensure the effective, efficient delivery of results. and 

EM Studios

Extra Mile Studios

A Glasgow-based developer of digital content, Extra Mile Studios (EM) was formed in 2004 by a team of games development professionals with many years’ experience in the children’s and casual/family entertainment sectors.

Their talent pool has worked with some of the best known brands in the world, including Bob the Builder, Wallace and Gromit, the Teletubbies, Thunderbirds, Dodge, Lassie, Johnny Bravo, Smarties, Winx and Noddy.

Traditionally specialists in the field of children’s games, EM now embraces the casual games market as a whole.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University

GCU’s Department of Computer Games Communication and Interactive Systems brings together an exciting blend of advanced skills in games programming and design, as well as art and animation. These subject areas combine each year to produce interdisciplinary games, with a focus on client-led briefs. 

The department also operates the eMotion Lab, which measures players’ physiological involvement with games. Monitoring pupil dilation and gamepad techniques, the lab is totally unobtrusive, with experiments taking place in a lounge-style setting; its clients include the BBC, Microsoft, Onisoft and Sony.

Hyper Luminal

Hyper Luminal Games

Hyper Luminal Games specialises in the creation of multi-platform commercial and corporate software, using the very latest software development techniques. 

They target platforms ranging from PC and mobile, to the latest web browser technology and the next generation of virtual reality devices.

Hyper Luminal provides a clear and concise development process, following an iterative-agile methodology to obtain high-quality end products. One look at the portfolio on their website will put you in the picture.

Insert Imagination

Insert Imagination

A games development studio based in Dundee, Insert Imagination is committed to creating imaginative interactive experiences for a range of audiences.

Their creations are unique, fun and challenging, using game design principles to explore new platforms for entertainment, plus innovative products. Pushing at the conventional experiences provided by both the hardware and gaming worlds assists their search to bridge the gap between traditional and digital play. 

Insert Imagination maintains a strong focus on developing for the ever-changing mobile market, which they believe is unique regarding its player base and hardware.



An independent company based in the Scottish capital, Krotos develops and produces audio software for the entertainment industry. 

Krotos’s software, Dehumaniser, is a unique vocal software processor and sound design tool. It produces studio-quality monster and imaginary creature sounds in real time, thereby negating the time, effort and expense that is traditionally required to create such assets.

Dehumaniser is currently achieving great success and is being used by both Hollywood studios and 'triple A' games companies around the world.

Late Panda

Late Panda

Late Panda’s compact team has over 30 years of development experience. Its self proclaimed mission is to improve the games industry for players.

Their research suggests that pop-up and banner advertisements are ruining gaming experiences, which is bad for advertisers, gamers and the wider industry. Late Panda are therefore integrating non-intrusive, environment-enhancing adverts into their game worlds.

Their mobile role-playing game Codename: LPG is designed for modern mobile audiences, with the RPG genre re-engineered to create a truly unique, engaging experience for mobile gamers of all ages and genders.

Dundee Games Collective

Malath Abbas

Malath Abbas is an independent games designer, artist and producer working on experimental, meaningful games. 

Having co-founded the award-winning studio Quartic Llama, Malath is now establishing Scotland’s first games collective and co-working space to support a community of independent game-makers to develop innovative games and exciting projects. 

Malath is currently developing Killbox, an online game and interactive installation that critically explores the nature of drone warfare, its complexities and consequences. The work is an international collaboration between US-based artist Joseph DeLappe and Scotland-based developers Tom Demajo and Albert Elwin.

Dundee Games Collective

Mike Enoch

During an 18-year career in the games industry Mike was a technical lead at Realtime Worlds and Ruffian Games, working on the BAFTA-winning Crackdown series (published by Microsoft on the Xbox 360).

He became an independent developer in 2014 and has already produced and sold his own IP via a business-to-business relationship in Scotland.

Mike also works with the UK Games Fund, which supports small UK-based companies with grant funding, and is a member of the Dundee Games Collective, a shared working and event space fostering the local games community.


Moon Collider

Providing complete AI solutions for games, Moon Collider combines its advanced Kythera middleware with comprehensive development services.

Kythera is fast, scalable and offers a variety of behaviour and navigation features for characters and vehicles, with sophisticated debugging tools, under Unreal and CryEngine. Specialists work directly on clients’ games to provide integration, behaviour development, support and develop new features.

Moon Collider’s clients include Star Citizen, cloud-gaming platform Shinra Technologies and indie hack-and-slash Umbra, with licensing options for both established studios and up-and-coming teams. Whatever your AI vision, they’ll help you realise it.

ninja kiwi

Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi is a leading developer and publisher of games for a range of platforms including the web, Facebook and smart devices. 

Its exceptional and varied portfolio of games includes Bloons TD 5, Bloons Monkey City and SAS: Zombie Assault 4.

Founded in 2006, Ninja Kiwi has its headquarters for games development in Auckland, New Zealand, as well as a mobile games studio in Dundee, Scotland.

No Code

No Code

No Code is a new, award-winning independent games company based in Glasgow. Built from a wealth of experience in AAA games development, their first release – Lub Vs Dub – won a New Talent BAFTA and was picked up by Apple’s App Store and Starbucks across North America.
No Code provide pre-visualisation concepts, in-engine development and marketing assets for high-profile 'triple A' games, whilst developing its own internal IP.
They have many innovative future releases planned, including the mobile radial shooter Super Arc Light, and Observation, a narrative-based contemporary science fiction adventure.


Outplay Entertainment

Outplay Entertainment is a leading developer of innovative games for smartphones, tablets and social networks.

Founded in 2010 and based in Dundee, the company’s focus on high-quality content and original IP ensures that their games are enjoyed by fun-loving folks around the world.

Also recognised for their productions’ engaging gameplay, Outplay has created a portfolio of successful casual and mid-core titles under the Outplay and Bite Size Games brands, in addition to those produced in collaboration with other leading publishers.


Rage Music

Rage Music’s award-winning team composes music for films, TV, advertisements, trailers and video games, at studios in Glasgow, London and LA.

Their dedicated producers and composers are familiar with working across multiple time zones, while 20 years’ of experience has included screen titles such as Limitless, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D and DREDD.

Following the success of their work for EA’s Battlefield: Hardline, they’re now engaged on another strategy game title. They compose, record and produce music for entire game soundtracks, short cut-scenes and promotional trailers.


Screen Facilities Scotland

Screen Facilities Scotland (SFS) is a trade body and co-operative consortium representing member facilities and services companies working in the screen and media production industry.

SFS boasts an array of screen services including: equipment hire, production/post-production facilities, studio/build spaces, VFX/SFX, props, audio/music, compliance expertise and performing talent. 

Their award-winning members are sector leaders who have worked on productions such as: Halo 5: Guardians, Game of Thrones, Guild Wars 2, Kick Ass 2, Alien Isolation, World War Z, DREDD, Battlefield: Hardline and Dead Island 2.

Space Budgie

Space Budgie

An independent games studio, Space Budgie’s focus is fixed upon games that do more than solely entertain. 

Its titles teach concepts and educate their audiences, tackling unexplored and difficult topics through the medium of gameplay.

With two commercially-released titles already under its belt, Space Budgie is currently finalising the development of Glitchspace, a first-person programming game that made its industry debut at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop sessions at GDC 2014. A fourth title is also being progressed behind the scenes.

Speech Graphics

Speech Graphics

Speech Graphics provides facial animation technology and services for video games and the entertainment sector.

Its proprietary software creates full-face animation and lip-sync using only audio, while their animations have featured in numerous game projects (including Shadow of Mordor) and won recent awards from TIGA and Develop.

The animation work is highly scalable across volumes of in-game dialogue and works for any language. Alongside their facial animation service, Speech Graphics also licenses technology and tools for use in-studio and in-engine. Let them prove the power of speech in your next project.

Stand Out Games

Stand Out Games Studio

Based in Dundee, Stand Out Games is a three-year-old mobile and virtual reality games company.

The firm has two titles available in Google Apps Marketplace: Heavy Snake, a remake of the classic Nokia game Snake; and Quickslide, a tile-sliding game and recently-nominated TIGA finalist in the social game category.

They’re also developing the mobile game Hotel Havok, a 2.5D side-scrolling adventure; and it’s their first year developing VR games for the Oculus Rift, with one VR title in development – Chariot Chasers – which they’re looking forward to releasing in 2016.

Storm Cloud

Stormcloud Games

Stormcloud Games is an award-winning games studio that creates licensed and original games for mobile, console and PC platforms.
Their latest title, Brut@l, is a modern reimagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler, that fuses old-school gaming with a unique 3D visual style.
With four heroes to choose from and a fearsome Guardian of the Dungeon to vanquish, Brut@l should cause a bit of a stir when it launches on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

Team Rock


TeamRock is a media company delivering games, print/digital magazines, streamed audio, online content, video and social media to one of the most passionate and loyal audiences in the world: rock and metal fans.

TeamRock Games is now looking for game concepts and developing and publishing titles for millions of those same worldwide fans, who are also gaming enthusiasts.

The company’s first mobile title, Metal Hammer: Roadkill, launched in October 2015 featuring the music of 13 artists from Nuclear Blast, the world’s largest independent metal label.

The Secret Experiment

The Secret Experiment

A progressive video games company, The Secret Experiment is creating original IP for audiences who seek more than just an adrenaline rush. 

A fusion of award-winning independent storytellers and experienced game designers, they’re here to challenge convention and, above all, to entertain.

Based in Glasgow, The Secret Experiment’s core team have worked on major titles in games, film and TV, including The 39 Steps, The Shoot and Alien Isolation.


Tsumanga Studios

Established in 2012 and based in Glasgow, Tsumanga Studios is a games publisher and developer who’ve published four hit Winx Club games since 2013 and achieved over 18,000,000 downloads. 

Their aim is to continue growing the company whilst expanding its portfolio of mobile games. They also license entertainment brands and are proud holders of media rights for the Winx Club brand until 2019.

Tsumanga Studios is pleased to announce the development of its own original IP for mobile, due for release in April 2016; look out for a preview at GDC.

Two Big Ears

Two Big Ears

Two Big Ears are the Scottish developers of the 3Dception spatial audio platform for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. 

3Dception allows developers to implement the full spatial audio stack, within minutes, into their games or cinematic experiences. Advanced features include positional audio, geometry-based acoustic modelling, authoring toolsets for 360 VR movies, cross-platform compatibility and highly efficient rendering algorithms.
3Dception has been used for Bjork’s installation at MoMA, the Stonemilker VR music video, the Avengers VR experience and many more upcoming 360 VR and game projects due for launch soon.

University of the West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland

Established in 2008 within UWS, the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET) specialises in multiplatform and immersive 3D, 2D serious games, and platform research and development.

Since inception SCET has worked internationally, and with more than 250 companies, to create over 500 jobs and safeguard a further thousand; it’s also increased company R&D by over £4m and company turnover by more than £100m.

Following an incubation period, SCET’s Cloudrocks spin-off emerged to take novel platforms to market for serious and mobile games, plus games analytics.

wee door

Wee Door

Wee Door is an independent games company based in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh.

Fusing traditional creative techniques with new and exciting technology, they create handcrafted games for mobile and tablets that are suitable for a wide range of audiences. 

Wee Door’s games will transport players to new worlds where they can immerse themselves in absorbing stories, giving them an experience they’ll never forget.

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