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New beginnings

"Hidden Armada's main goal for attending the event was to meet people, raising awareness for Mutiny before we release it and that we are available for contract work.

"The Scottish Development International stand provided the location to have those meetings, and a contact point for others." states Will Wright, one of the founders of Dundee based games developer, Hidden Armada.

As a newly formed start up working on their first title, a multiplayer action game called Mutiny, Hidden Armada were surprised that Scottish Development International (SDI) accepted them to be part of their Games Developer's Conference (GDC) programme.

"SDI took out 30 game studios at various stages of development, so we had to work hard to make sure we had something worth showing at the event" said Will.

GDC is one of the biggest and most important yearly events for games developers, and a huge opportunity for developers to find an audience for their work, meet with publishers, and make valuable contacts.

"Most of my time was spent on the Expo Floor going to and from the SDI stand to meet with the various companies I had contacted through the online GDC meetings system.

"In addition, SDI provided excellent information about the city itself, meaning I could plan things to see and do (or avoid) in San Francisco when the conference centre closed.

"Overall, there is no way Hidden Armada could have attended GDC so early in its life without the subsidies, services, and information provided by SDI, which were invaluable for us a new company with no experience of America."

Making connections

Dundee based YoYo Games' GameMaker: Studio software allows developers to publish their games to multiple platforms, such as home computers and tablets, saving them the time and resources that go into creating multiple versions of a game.

As part of the GDC programme, YoYo announced a major partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment at GDC 2014, allowing GameMaker: Studio developers to publish games to PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 video game consoles.

“GDC 2014 was a tremendous success for YoYo Games,” said Sandy Duncan, Chief Executive Officer at YoYo Games.

“We wanted this year to be our biggest yet and to really make a lasting impression with our PlayStation news amongst the game development community. We could not have achieved our goal without the support of Scottish Development International. The organization provides continued support of our efforts to raise awareness globally for GameMaker: Studio.”

Next steps

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