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With its jaw-droppingly gorgeous locations, excellent skills base, post-production facilities and 25% tax break, Scotland is made for film-making.

A new independent report has emphasised how a significant production studio in Scotland could more fully capitalise on the growing global demand for filmed content.

That global increase is being driven by factors such as digital television and high-end TV, and a growing pressure on broadcasters to increase budgets outside of London.

Studio capacity in UK (and parts of Europe) is tight, and the main purpose-built studios in London are widely considered to be expensive. Add to that the fact that productions are increasingly mobile and the barriers to coming to Scotland look less and less significant.

Could you be behind Scotland's next big film studio?

If you’re interested in the commercial possibilities of investing in the creation of a purpose-built Scottish studio, we’d like to hear from you.

The local development agency, Scottish Enterprise, alongside Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government, has already produced a development brief.

This is your invitation to come forward with a proposal to develop and operate a studio complex.

This brief is available for download on Public Contract Scotland (PCS), the portal for all publicly-initiated projects in Scotland.

To access the brief:

  1. Register as a supplier on the PCS website
  2. Following successful registration with PCS please contact us to inform us of your registration, and ensure you state or use the email address you registered with

You can also download the production space report