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Historically, the world looked to Scotland for our trains and ships - now it's our software and satellites.

Scotland for software projects

We're proud of Scotland's long history of innovation.

From the steam engine to the telephone, radar to MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), Scots have made discoveries that have helped shaped the modern world.

But our heritage is just one reason why Scotland continues to be a natural home for innovation and invention.

Today, just as in 1769 when James Watt revolutionised the steam engine, our talented people are at the heart of the technological advances taking place here.

By investing in Scotland, you'll be able to connect with people who have the tech skills that you need.

Connected to skills

Our engineering, electronics and technology businesses employ over 161,000 people. That means there's a vast talent pool here.

They work in local start-ups like Skyscanner and pureLifi, as well as global companies that have chosen to invest in Scotland, like Oracle, HP, Amazon and IBM.

And we keep producing more talent. We have the highest concentration of universities in Europe and unique innovation labs dedicated to sectors like big data, digital health and sensors and imaging.

In software and computing alone, our universities produce around 10,000 graduates each year.

That doesn't just mean your company will be able to recruit from a stream of new graduates - it also makes Scotland the perfect location for collaborating with universities.

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Connected to universities

Scotland's universities produce more research per head of population than any other country in the world.

They work with over 26,000 companies each year to turn new ideas into new products and services. In fact, there's more collaboration between universities and industry in Scotland than any other country in Europe.

That's why almost half our inward investors cite our universities as an important factor in their choice to set up a base in Scotland.

Our academic sector also contributes to Scotland's growing technology industry.

The University of Edinburgh's commercialisation arm, Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI), has helped more than 180 start-up companies in the last five years. It's no wonder that Scotland's capital city is the UK's largest technology hub outside London.

That's why companies like Intel choose Scottish academic partners for their innovative projects.

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Connect with us

Whatever your technology or media project, we're here to help you make the most of your investment in Scotland.

That might involve helping you find the funding that your project needs. It could be recruitment support from our partners at TalentScotland.

Or it might be help to find the right academic partners to turn your ideas into new products or services.

Our network of global offices means we've got expert support staff near you, ready to help you find out more about the benefits of connecting with Scotland:

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