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Our easy to understand benchmark reports can show you why Scotland could be the place for you


When looking at locations to set up new operations for your business, the choices can be confusing and the amount of data you have to wade through can be significant.

Using the Financial Times ‘FDI Benchmark’ tool, our simple and easy to understand report provide internationally benchmarked qualitative and cost information in comparison with other competitor locations from around the world for shared services.

Why Scotland?

The report highlights several reasons why Scotland could be the perfect base for a legal services office.

  • Out of five locations, Scotland has the largest industry cluster; larger than locations such as Manchester, Leeds, and Belfast
  • Scotland was also ranked as highest when it comes to living environment, particularly in regards to attractiveness for international staff

As well as this, setting up in Scotland means you won't be alone, as the Scottish Central Belt was also ranked second for its industry cluster.

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For more detailed information about Scotland's strengths when it comes to legal services, please download our full report.

If you're interested in receiving a bespoke report that's tailored to your individual business, let us know.

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