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Some of Scotland's most exciting technology companies will join us at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

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Combining the world's largest mobile industry exhibition with a conference featuring some of the biggest names in global technology, MWC is visited by mobile operators, vendors and content owners from across the world.

This year the event is taking place in Barcelona from 26 February - 1 March. Stop by the Scottish Development International stand (7B31, hall 7) to meet some of the Scottish companies that are making a big impact on the mobile tech sector. Here's who we're taking with us:


Adimo is a martech (marketing and technology) company that works with some of the biggest fast-moving consumer goods brands to turn their digital marketing into shoppable experiences. Customers can buy branded content, marketing or media directly through its checkout/add to basket tech. Adimo makes digital marketing easy and convenient for brands and for customers.

Visit the Adimo website


Beringar delivers asset intelligence solutions with state-of-the-art intelligent building sensors. These sensors help building owners and occupiers optimise asset effectiveness, improve sustainability and reduce overhead costs

Using a unique five senses approach, Beringar offers actionable data on how people use buildings.

Visit the Beringar website

Bolt Learning

Bolt Learning creates innovative digital learning solutions to help companies more effectively develop their people. Its award-winning learning management system is cloud-based and mobile responsive, with powerful trainee analytics, an in-built translation system, a compliance management system and first-class user verification. 

Visit the Bolt Learning website

Boston Networks

Boston Networks makes smart technology simple and accessible to help businesses and public sector organisations future-proof their technology, networks and buildings to connect and protect their people, places and devices.

It designs, delivers, manages and maintains multi-site, multi-service infrastructures and technologies that improve performance, maximise efficiencies, secure assets and deliver the multiple benefits of technology to employees, stakeholders and buildings.

Visit the Boston Networks website


Calnex is a world leader in Ethernet test and measurement solutions. It has shipped products to over 350 customer sites in 65 countries.

Its products test timing and sync protocols like PTP and NTP, which are used in LTE, 5G, data centres, the financial sector, power broadcast, in-car and industrial networks.

Visit the Calnex website


CENSIS is a centre of excellence for sensor, IoT, and imaging systems. It supports companies through:

  • Strategic outreach and relationship building
  • Collaborative R&D projects including Innovate UK and Horizon 2020
  • R&D programmes that are developed in response to industry challenges
  • An industry-driven enterprise skills and training programme

Visit the CENSIS website


Ciqual measures true Quality of Experience (QoE) of mobile services from the end device. This allows mobile operators, regulators and over-the-top (OTT) providers to act quickly to identify, verify and resolve customers’ issues, correlated in real-time with network, device and service reachability. 

Visit the Ciqual website  

Cohesion Medical

Cohesion Medical is a leading provider of connected digital health solutions to NHS Scotland.

Its integrated technologies combine wearable health technology, mobile health applications and clinical software with real-time data analytics for health data management.

Cohesion’s solutions improve patient experience, treatment efficacy and clinical efficiency, and increase research opportunities.

Visit the Cohesion Medical website


Connect-In, a mobile apps and asset locator systems specialist, designs connected solutions for the Internet of Things.

Its location sensor, XUPO, helps locate personal valuables through the XUPO app.

Connect-In specialises in Bluetooth Smart systems design and integration, using the XUPO platform and proximity sensor for enabling technologies and industrial projects.

Visit the Connect-In website


CriticalBlue’s Approov product maximises mobile business revenue by protecting mobile APIs from unauthorised access. Retail, travel, automotive, media, financial services and healthcare companies can use Approov’s positive authentication to ensure that only genuine customers using valid mobile apps can access their back-end services, keeping the bots out.

CriticalBlue has expertise in dynamic binary analysis of software and this expertise, along with deep knowledge of mobile API abuse techniques. This ensures that mobile businesses will maximise their commercial potential. 

Visit the CriticalBlue website

DDK Positioning

DDK Positioning provides precise positioning to consumer and volume markets, delivering solutions on mobile phones and industrial applications delivered through satellite communication data links.

It opens up the world of precise positioning to users who have not been able to access due to financial or technical constraints.

Visit the DDK Positioning website


Digitonic is a mobile marketing and technology company. Founded in 2011 with offices in Glasgow and London, Digitonic has quickly established itself as one of the leading turnkey mobile marketing technology providers in the UK.

Its services include mDoc®, a pioneering mobile messaging format, and Entr®, a powerful suite of on-location analytics for physical locations.

Visit the Digitonic website


Edesix designs, develops and manufactures a range of professional body worn cameras (BWCs).

Edesix BWCs are used by police, paramedics, prison officers, CEOs and lone workers globally. Its cameras are also compatible with a variety of video management systems, seamlessly pairing BWC footage with CCTV.

Visit the Edesix website

Inside Secure

Inside Secure’s award-winning mobile payments solutions and software protection tools have been used by market leaders in strong customer authentication, mobile payments, mobile financial services, content protection and Internet of Things.

The company’s software security is vital to the protection of business and brand reputation and compliance with regulators.

Visit the Inside Secure website


The Kumulos gives app developers a single-pane-of-glass view of the commercial and technical performance of their apps. 

Visit the Kumulos website

Organised Health Technologies (Phlo)

Phlo is the UK’s newest digital pharmacy solution for NHS patients, delivering your repeat medication to your home or workplace at a time and place that suits you.

Phlo offers patients the chance to take back control of their healthcare, offering both a hand delivery option and a postal service. Alongside this, you can speak to your pharmacist whenever suits you using the app.

Visit the Phlo website


Pufferfish challenges flat technology by creating opportunities for better communication, engagement and interaction with its PufferSphere, allowing you to tell your story in new ways.

Visit the Pufferfish website


Imagine every light could connect you to the internet. pureLiFi not only invented LiFi, but continues to lead the innovation and adoption of LiFi technology. 

pureLiFi is building a wireless platform that will enable high-speed, secure data networks wherever there is illumination. pureLiFi provides a solution to the global struggle for diminishing wireless capacity by opening thousands of more channels for high-speed, secure wireless communications.

Its flagship product, the LiFi-XC, provides lightweight, high-speed, secure and fully networked wireless communications via light. The LiFi-XC is a certified plug and play system that works with USB devices and is small enough to be integrated into your next laptop, tablet or smart appliance.

Visit the pureLifi website

Pursuit Marketing

Pursuit Marketing delivers campaigns in the technology and B2B marketplace across 24 countries. It offers a 360 degree marketing service to increase your sales pipeline, and remains the only agency to guarantee the quality and quality of sales opportunities for a fixed cost, resulting in ROI for every client.

Visit the Pursuit Marketing website


Robotical is a robotics company founded in Edinburgh. Its first product is Marty the Robot, an educational robot designed to engage and inspire future engineers and roboticists.

Marty is a walking robot targeted at schools, universities, and individuals. It provides excellent progression for users who want to understand all aspects of robotics.

Visit the Robotical website


sensewhere is a low-cost, highly scalable indoor positioning system which drives third party advertising services.

Its Adwhere platform is used to provide mobile attribution, store visit information and location verification for mobile payments.

sensewhere has been used across China and has over 600 million daily active users.

Visit the sensewhere website


eRedbook is a mobile health app that provides parents with clinically verified health guidance that is personalised by the age of child or stage of pregnancy.  As a connected app, eRedbook enables parents to obtain access to their family’s health data from their health provider. 

eRedbook is a personal health record (PHR) that allows people to take control over managing their own health or long-term condition, and can contain professional medical data, as well as self-reported data.

Visit the Sitekit website

Softant Technologies

Sofant is commercialising a patented RV MEMS-based smart antenna technology which dramatically reduces the cost and power consumption of millimetre wave 5G and satellite devices.

Visit the Sofant website

Stream Technologies

Stream is the world’s most technically advanced enabler of M2M (machine to machine)/Internet of Things connectivity.

Visit the Stream website


Swarm Online develops apps for companies across the private and public sector.

Based in the heart of Scotland’s Digital Media Quarter in Glasgow, it creates mobile apps, cross-platform web applications and enterprise scale software systems.

Visit the SwarmOnline website


Wallet.Services aims to streamline, simplify and secure digital life by accelerating the use and harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology.

The Wallet.Services platform provides the secure foundation for building the next generation of real-world digital applications. Its platform streamlines and simplifies blockchain integration and application.

Visit the Wallet.Services website

Xsolutions365 (xDesign)

xDesign is a leading mobile application and digital solutions agency based in Edinburgh. Its apps are used by millions of people around the world, both for business and leisure.

Visit the xDesign website

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