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The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the world's largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event.

The Scottish Development International stand at GDC (Stand 1238 in the Expo area) allows you to meet Scottish games companies, find new technology partners and discover products or solutions to your issues.

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Why Scotland?

  • A dynamic environment and connected cluster of over 100 games companies that helped spawn global hit titles such as APB Reloaded, Lemmings, Bloons and the Grand Theft Auto series
  • A cost competitive location with financial and training support for games developers. Software programmer costs are over 40% lower than in NYC and California
  • Skilled, talented and creative people produced by leading Games educational establishments
  • Growing creative industries sector where convergence is increasingly important
  • Excellent quality of life in one of the world’s most stunning locations

Abertay University

Abertay University

Abertay University educates its students to be the innovators and ground breakers in tomorrow’s computer games and digital media industries.

Their links with major companies ensure that industry professionals are directly involved in delivering our courses, from games programming to 3D animation.

The courses are accredited by Creative Skillset and the School has been awarded Centre for Excellence status.

Another visitor

Another Visitor Ltd

Another Visitor is an online entertainment company led by one of the most experienced management teams in the interactive industry.

The team at Another Visitor have produced hundreds of titles and have titles in development for all major modern platforms.

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Axis is a team of producers, directors, designers, artists and animators.

The studio creates animation for some of the world’s leading names in commercials, games, broadcast and film. 

Services include the direction and production of trailers, commercials, pre-rendered and real time cut scenes.

Binary Pumpkin

Binary Pumpkin Ltd

In the last year, Binary Pumpkin have experienced success with their Pumpkin Bingo and associated titles.

With an emphasis on products for the casual gaming market, they are now bringing their experience to the mobile marketplace.

Blazing Griffin

Blazing Griffin Ltd

Blazing Griffin is an independent game studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The company objective is to build great games that interconnect across multiple platforms, exist in a continuity of brand and story, feature creative forms of interaction, and offer gamer-orientated payment models.



Chunk creates interactive entertainment for broadcasters, brands and entertainment companies.

They are focused on creating great new experiences in partnership or through our own IP.

Cobra Mobile

Cobra Mobile Ltd

Cobra Mobile is a developer and publisher of digitally delivered games for iOS, Android, ROKU, Apple Mac, PC and Steam all Powered platforms.

Cobra's games include, the iBomber series, the Low Grav Racer series, Storm in a Teacup, Fore!, Mouse About, and Numba.

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Launched in 2010, deltaDNA (formerly GamesAnalytics) combines extensive games industry heritage and marketing analytics expertise to deliver dedicated technology for gamers by gamers.


eeGeo Ltd

eeGeo presents a global 3D mapping platform for web browsers and mobile devices, powering a new generation of real-world games.

An accurate 3D replica of the real world is delivered on-demand from the cloud, providing a flexible gaming environment for a wide variety of genres.

Extra Mile

Extra Mile Studios Ltd

Extra Mile Studios is a Glasgow, UK based developer of digital content, with experience in the children’s and casual/family entertainment sectors.

The company has created titles based on some of the best known brands in the world for Apple, Android, Sony, Nintendo and Windows platforms.

Future Fossil

Future Fossil Studios Ltd

Future Fossil Studios is a games development start-up from Dundee, focused on creating new and exciting IP to inspire and educate future generations of games developers.

Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is an independent UK studio, developing with Unity for swift development and cross-platform deployment.

It creates arcade-action games for core gamers, and offers B2B development support in a variety of areas, specialising as a rapid prototyping team.

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Intelligent Artefacts Ltd

Intelligent Artefacts builds artificial intelligence tools for games, visualisation and simulation.

Their product, Kythera, provides a complete AI system that allows agents to express realistic and immersive behaviour while reacting to dynamically changing environments.

Currently available for CryENGINE, the system is easily integrated into other game engines.


Junkfish Ltd

Junkfish is a newly formed indie development company focused on making intelligent and challenging games for the PC platform.


Ludometrics Ltd

Ludometrics is an independent creator of games, toys and playthings across multiple platforms.

Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi is a leading developer and publisher of games for web, Facebook, and smart devices - games such as Bloons, Bloons TD 5, and SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

Founded in 2006 and operating as Kaiparasoft Limited, Ninja Kiwi has headquarters and game development in Auckland, New Zealand and a mobile games studio in Dundee, Scotland.


Outplay Entertainment

Outplay develops games for smartphones, tablets, and social networks.

Employing over 50 people, and responsible for titles like Bubble Blaze, Booty Quest, Idol Words, Word Trick and Monster Legacy, the company is dedicated to making the best games for a global audience.

Proper Games

Proper Games Ltd

Founded in 2006, Proper Games is registered as an official developer across the major home console and mobile formats.

Proper Games is responsible for developing the BAFTA-winning Flock(PC, XBLA, PSN), Final Fight: Double Impact(XBLA, PSN) and multi award winning Yo Deshi (iOS).

Reloaded Productions

Reloaded Productions Ltd

Reloaded Productions is a games developer based in central Scotland.

Reloaded are focused on the development, publishing and support of sophisticated massively-multiplayer online free-to-play titles.

Sainted Media

Sainted Media Ltd

Global Treasure Apps is a 5 star app that enhances the visitor experience of a tourist attraction.

The app has automatically and continually updated GPS treasure hunts that offer real world rewards. The treasure hunts are entertaining and informative and available to; pre-schoolers, kids and adults.

Scottish Games Network

Scottish Games Network Ltd

The Scottish Games Network is the official industry organisation for everything relevant to the interactive entertainment sector in Scotland.

Covering academia, business, art, culture marketing, development, technology, advocacy, education and consumer issues, the Scottish Games Network is a focal point and community for the rapidly evolving industry.

Serious Parody

Serious Parody Ltd

Serious Parody is an independent video games development company based in Dundee, Scotland.

The company specialises in 3D wrestling/fighting games and are due to release 5 Star Wrestling for the PlayStation 3 over the coming weeks.

Space Budgie

Space Budgie

Space Budgie is an independent studio formed in 2013, and based in Dundee.

Space Budgie’s aim is to create games that players can take something away from; games that can benefit the player, or others, in more ways than entertainment or escapism alone.

Storm Cloud

Stormcloud Games Ltd

Stormcloud make games for kids, designed to stimulate growing imaginations.

We develop games on a variety of platforms.

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Tag Games

Tag Games is one of Europe’s mobile/tablet development studios.

We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of both casual and core social mobile game development, with bespoke solutions for data analytics, multi-platform game technology and cloud based server architecture.

Tigerface Games

Tigerface Games

Tigerface Games produces children’s education and entertainment content on mobile platforms.

Their unique strength is in building games that friends and families can play together, in the same room around the same device.

Their client list includes SMART Technologies, PBS KIDS and Pearson Education. Tigerface Games offer a complete range of service: from concept to full game development.



Twiddly are a studio producing entertaining, fun products that appeal to all ages and positively bring people together.

Their strength lies in their willingness to explore opportunities to create unique interactive experiences with new technology, pushing new digital frontiers, all the while creating products that are easily relatable, representative and most importantly fun.

Wild UX

Wild UX

Dream a little bit bigger. Be a little bit more WILD.

Nobody gets rich from playing safe and thinking small. The best ideas are found in the chaotic wilds of creativity, a space that we know intimately.

Let us take you there and help you to design your next big thing.

YoYo Games

YoYo Games Ltd

YoYo Games is the home of Gamemaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game development technology.

Gamemaker: Studio has been developed with usability and efficiency at its core, allowing developers to create games in a single code base and then publish them to run natively across multiple platforms.