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On the 23rd of July, business leaders from a breadth of countries will gather at a conference in Glasgow. They'll discuss the opportunities and challenges of Commonwealth trade and investment, and you can watch the whole thing on our live stream.

Just under a third of the world’s population live in the Commonwealth, in economies that span the full spectrum of development. 

Some are the world’s fastest growing, others are among the smallest, and annual trade between them is already around £330 billion. The Commonwealth Games gives us an ideal opportunity to discuss how this can be developed further.


The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, will speak at the event, which you can live stream

That’s the core of the debate planned for the Commonwealth Games Business Conference, which will focus on issues and opportunities common to all countries - such as employment and skillsinfrastructure developmentfinancial services and Smart City technology.

Taking place immediately before the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the conference will be a highlight of the business programme during the Games (link to article on Commonwealth Games).

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, is just one of the global figures who will discuss these issues - and more - at the conference. He’ll be joined by top political and business names from all over the world, as well as experts and business leaders well-versed in working across the Commonwealth and across the globe.

And we’re inviting you to join the conference, which will live stream on this page.

Smart talking

Conference sessions topics include:

  • Smart Cities: The massive global opportunities of ‘Smart City’ technology will be discussed in Glasgow, a city that is the official UK test-bed for some of the ideas that will build the future.
  • How can trade drive development and economic growth: Annual trade in goods within the Commonwealth is estimated at £300bn. How can this be further developed in a way which ensures sustainable growth, lifts people out of poverty and gives a business return?
  • Securing  infrastructure investment: The session will feature some key infrastructure investment opportunities in Scotland, the wider UK and the Commonwealth and will explore different approaches to financing and some of the challenges and opportunities.
  • Financing growth across the Commonwealth: How can countries in the Commonwealth, especially emerging markets, overcome the financial challenges of the Global Financial Crisis

This conference will be a unique forum to share ideas and expertise to build on existing relationships and  secure a better Commonwealth future for all of its citizens.

We'll be updating this page between now and the conference, so check back for updates or look for our announcements on Twitter

Remember, if you want to explore what Commonwealth and international market opportunities could mean to your business, and make the most of Scotland, get in touch with us now.