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The CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation) Future Manufacturing Hub is a world-class training and research hub with the main purpose of accelerating the use of future manufacturing processes within the pharmaceutical sector.

Chemical industry worker CMAC

CMAC is based at the Technology and Innovation Centre at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow but works closely with the largest international pharmaceutical companies in the world to develop intelligent and efficient manufacturing processes.

Advances in smart technology are revolutionising the manufacturing process across the board. The increased availability of data, connectivity and resultant analysis, offers opportunities to improve efficiency and tailor more flexible solutions for getting new products to market. The pharmaceutical industry stands to benefit greatly from these advances, becoming far more efficient and responsive. In particular, the move from batch to continuous production can almost eliminate wastage.

Working with partners such as GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Bayer, CMAC conducts research into continuous manufacturing, advanced crystallisation and develops new solutions to company specific challenges. A recent collaboration with Perceptive Engineering, AstraZeneca and CPI delivered ‘Dial-a-particle’ model predictive control for the crystallisation of lactose, resulting in a narrower spread of particle size and improved control.

The CMAC facility is almost unique in that it contains all the equipment necessary to test every stage of production, meaning innovations in production can be tested end to end in a live environment.

Through their training, CMAC also produce a pipeline of highly skilled multi-disciplinary employees.

CMAC have detailed case studies on their website, demonstrating the real and tangible benefits their research has had on leading pharma companies.

Read detailed case studies on the CMAC website

CPhI 2017

CMAC will be participating in this year’s CPhI (Convention for Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in Frankfurt, exhibiting with SDI on the Scotland Pavilion and presenting a pre-connect event on Continuous Processing and Manufacturing.

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