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Just under a third of the world’s population lives in the Commonwealth, in economies that span the full spectrum of development. 

Some are the world’s fastest growing, others are among the smallest, and annual trade between them is already around £330 billion. Overall, Commonwealth countries import around £1.3 trillion worth of goods and services.

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Watch Dr Lena Wilson, CEO of Scotland's economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise, addressing the Commonwealth Games Business Conference with her speech: "Born innovative. Born global. Born leaders."
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The Commonwealth Games gave us an ideal opportunity to discuss how trade opportunities can be developed further, which is why business and political leaders from the world over came together in Glasgow in July for the Commonwealth Games Business Conference. The conference was a unique forum to share ideas and expertise to build on existing relationships and secure a better Commonwealth future for all of its citizens.

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England was just one of the big names at the Conference. He was joined by other big names such as Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond and the Founder of Nando's, Robert Brozin.

The CEO of Scotland's economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise, Lena Wilson, also took to the stage to discuss the role that Scotland has played in creating innovations in the modern world.

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